The Book of Lionsberg

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut

This is a living Work In Progress...

Table of Contents


0.0 Work In Progress
0.1 Book of Lionsberg Title Page
0.2 Book of Lionsberg Legal Page
0.3 Author's Note
0.4 The Meta Story
0.5 Attribution
0.6 Authority
0.7 No Boundaries

Chapter One - Genesis

1.1 Above The Chaos
1.2 Wisdom Cries Out
1.3 The Right Questions
1.4 Unmoored in the Seas of Chaos
1.5 The Caves
1.6 Outside the Boundary
1.7 Piercing Eternal Truth In The Midst Of Lies
1.8 Operationalizing Wisdom and Truth
1.9 The Old Authorities
1.10 Wake Up!
1.11 The Great Movement
1.12 The Guards
1.13 First Light
1.14 First Night
1.15 Explaining Everything, Assuming Nothing
1.16 Dialogue, Circumambulation, and Speech
1.17 Infrastructure
1.18 None Of Us Until All Of Us
1.19 Word Pictures, Parables, and Analogies
1.20 The Sovereign Vessels
1.21 Organizing and Federating Sovereign Vessels
1.22 Pillars of Stone
1.23 Choosing The Flood
1.24 Final Words and Departure
1.25 Warning 1
1.26 Awakening Discomfort
1.27 Not My Religion or Ideology
1.28 Warning 2
1.29 Becoming
1.30 Warning 3
1.31 The Physics Of The Threshold
1.32 The Fear Of Hell
1.33 First Light Beyond The Boundary

Chapter Two - The Quest to Perceive

2.1 Perception Outside The Boundary
2.2 From Genesis To Perception
2.3 Perceiving What Matters
2.4 Perception Is Not Reality
2.5 The Vantage Point Of Humans
2.6 The Illusion of Spacetime
2.7 The Narrative Lens
Lionsberg Wiki Books/The Book of Lionsberg/Chapter 2 - The Quest to Perceive/2.8 Self Limiting Beliefs
2.9 How Values Shape Perception
2.10 Making Our Subconscious Story Conscious

Chapter Three - The Meta Quest

3.1 The Meta Quest
3.2 The Meta Goal
3.3 Progress In The Meta Quest
3.4 Supercharging Progress
3.5 The Universal Movement
3.6 The Universal Invitation
3.7 The Universal Intention and Goal
3.8 Intention Into Reality
3.9 The Ideal
3.10 Aiming High
3.11 Rising Towards The Goal
3.12 All Things Helping One Another Rise
3.13 Spiraling Up or Down
3.14 Love
3.15 Highest Level Concept to Lowest Level Detail
3.16 The Quality of the New World
3.17 The Universal Law and Logic of Love
3.18 Powerful Love
3.19 Fierce Love
3.20 The One We Love
3.21 The One We Love Is Suffering
3.22 Moving Heaven And Earth
3.23 The Logical End Of Love Is The Goal

3.x25 Complacency
3.x26 The Girl and The Bee

Chapter Four - The Quest To Navigate

4.1 The Navigation Issue
4.2 Continually Transforming Conscious Agents
4.3 Transforming The Product Of The Previous Transformation
4.4 Navigating Towards Better Or Worse
4.5 Without A Shared Vision and Structure of Values, We Perish
4.6 Goods and Anti-Goods
4.7 The First Moral Decision
4.8 The Conscious Choice of One's Intention and Goal
4.9 Who We Are
4.10 Where We Are
4.11 How We Got Here
4.12 Where We Are Going
4.13 The Meta Goal of the Meta Quest
4.14 Why?
4.15 How Can They Be One?
4.16 Towards Oneness Through Love
4.17 Moving Through Love
4.18 Remembering, Perceiving, Orienting, Engaging, Planning, Adapting, Moving, Learning
4.19 Orienting
4.20 Engaging
4.21 Planning and Adapting
4.22 Moving
4.23 Learning and Improving
4.24 The Reciprocal Opening of Being and Doing
4.25 Navigating and Becoming
4.26 Every Defect Is A Gift
4.27 Navigating Towards Truth And Reality
4.28 Truth Beyond The Horizon Of Perception
4.29 The Terrifying Existential Awe And Fear Of Not Knowing
4.30 I Do Not Know, But I Will Search It Out
4.31 The Marvelous Possibility Of Knowing
4.32 Take Your Shoes Off
4.33 Away From Pain, Towards Flourishing
4.34 Towards Perfect Oneness, Through Perfect Love

Chapter Five - The Quest For Purpose and Meaning

5.1 The Quest For Purpose and Meaning 5.2 Higher Purpose and Meaning
5.3 The Purpose And Meaning Of Life
5.4 Quality and Quantity of Service
5.5 Quality and Quantity of Meaning
5.6 Choosing the Meta Goal
5.7 Advancing in Relationship
5.8 All For One, And One For All
5.9 Acting As If We Are Individually And Solely Responsible
5.10 Experiencing the Greatest Possible Purpose and Meaning
5.11 Who Is The One We Must Learn Love?
5.12 The True Self
5.13 The False Self
5.14 Human Being, Doing, and Becoming
5.15 Transformation and Emergence
5.16 Becoming And Doing Are One
5.17 The Inbreaking New World
5.18 The Inbreaking True Self
5.19 The Fount Of Being And Becoming
5.20 The Fallacy of 90-10
5.21 The Truth Of The 10-90
5.22 Starting With The Source Of Time And Energy

Chapter Six - The Quest of the Creative One

6.1 The Quest Of The Creative One
6.2 Returning To The Uncaused Cause
6.3 In The Beginning
6.4 The Song Of Creation
6.5 The Ground of Being
6.6 The Pinnacle Of Being
6.7 The Golden Thread
6.8 The Failed Institutionalization of Truth
6.9 What Is Better? What Is Good?
6.10 From Good to God
6.11 The Big Man In The Sky
6.12 The Deepest Thing
6.13 Decomposing And Articulating Notions Of The One
6.14 Recomposing Notions Of The One
6.15 Spirit, Archetypes, Prototypes, Instantiations
6.16 Concrete And Abstract Idolatry
6.17 Beyond The Masculine Anthropomorphic God
6.18 Consciousness And Its Source
6.19 The Nature And Location Of The Source
6.20 Towards The One Highest Aim
6.21 The Simple Message Of The Quest Towards Oneness Through Love
6.22 Air, Water, Love, and Unity
6.23 There Is Only One
6.25 Hemlock And The Gods Of The State
6.26 The Tsunami
6.27 Love, Compassion, and Floodwaters
6.28 The Invitation And Upward Call

Chapter Seven - The Quest of the Living System

7.1 The Quest Of The Living System
7.2 The Way Of The One
7.3 The Nature Of Nature Is One 7.4 We Are Nature
7.5 The Meta Unity of Meta Diversity
7.6 The Conditions That Precipitate The Emergence Of Flourishing And Abundant Life
7.7 Perception From Our Vantage Point
7.8 The Mystery Of The Macrocosm
7.9 The Mystery Of The Microcosm
7.10 What Is Fundamental?
7.11 The Meta Conscious Agent
7.12 Potential
7.13 Logos
7.14 The Creative Field
7.15 Energy
7.16 Information
7.17 Conditions
7.18 Elementary Subatomic Matter and Anti-Matter
7.19 Compound Subatomic Particles
7.20 Atomic Nuclei - The Chemical Level
7.21 Atoms
7.22 Chemical Compounds And Molecules
7.23 Transformations Of Form
7.24 What Is Prior To Life?
7.25 Life
7.26 Microbiome
7.27 Cells
7.28 The Cellular Microverse
7.29 Tissues
7.30 Organs
7.31 Organ Systems
7.32 Organisms
7.33 Superorganisms
7.24 What Is Prior To Life?
7.25 Life
7.26 Microbiome
7.27 Cells
7.28 The Cellular Microverse
7.29 Tissues
7.30 Organs
7.31 Organ Systems
7.32 Organisms
7.33 Superorganisms
7.34 Co-Operative Superorganisms
7.35 The Human Microverse And The Hierarchy Of Structure
7.36 One Living System

Chapter Eight - The Quest of Humanity

Odysseus And Adverse Winds 8.1 The Remembered Precession Of Events
8.2 Dispensing With The Notion That Individual Memory, Or Collective History, Is Accurate
8.3 Speaking In General And Glossing Over The Sacred Stories And Traditions
8.4 The Dangers Of Over-Determined Historicism
8.5 Taking Sides And Assigning Blame In The Past
8.6 In The Beginning
8.7 The Sixth Stanza
8.8 When We Awakened And Transformed
8.9 Revisiting The Outer Reaches Of Memory
8.10 A Few Ancient Memories
8.11 A Few Ancient Patterns
8.12 A Few Ancient Milestones - 10,000 BC to 500 BC - Domestication and Prehistory
8.13 The Great Liminal Dissolution, Transformation, and Rise
8.14 The Great Rise Of History, Philosophy, And Religion
8.15 The Beginning Of Recorded History
8.16 Philo-Sophia
8.17 Confucius
8.18 Li
8.19 Yi
8.20 Taoism
8.21 Jodo
8.22 Mo Tzu
8.23 Syncretism
8.24 Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha)
8.25 Zoroaster
8.26 Pythagoras
8.27 Plato
8.28 Socrates
8.29 Aristotle
8.30 Stoicism
8.31 Ashoka
8.32 Mahavira
8.33 Judaism
8.34 Hinduism
8.35 Power And Control
8.36 Philo-Nikia
8.37 Legalism
8.38 The Battle For The Culture And Integrity Of Society
8.39 Why Spend So Much Time On Teachers And Philosophy?
8.40 Alexander The Great
8.41 The Fall Of Egypt
8.42 The Rise Of Rome
8.43 Counting Forwards
8.44 The Greatest Scandal And Heist In History
8.45 The Spirit, Heart, and Intention Of Jesus
8.46 The Co-Opting Of Christianity
8.47 The Prophesy Of Muhammad
8.48 What We All Share In Common
8.49 Heaven And Hell
8.50 Losing The Way, And At-One-Ment
8.51 The Ideal
8.52 Another Millennia
8.53 Crisis And Transformation In The Middle Ages
8.54 The Tragic Age Of Exploration And Conquest
8.55 The Enlightenemnt
8.56 The Death Of God
8.57 The Stunning Boom
8.58 Weaponization
8.59 The Great Dichotomy
8.60 A Major Disclaimer To The Arc Of History
8.61 The Classic Game Of Empire And Oligarchy
8.62 Judging By The Fruit
8.63 The Sea Of Pyramids
8.64 The Deception And Temptation Of Power And Control
8.65 Whose Vision? Whose Plan? Whose System?

History... Enslavement... Liberation...

Left Off Here

Chapter Nine - The Quest for Sovereignty

9.1 The Subversive Nature Of The Meta Game
9.2 Navigating Through The Unknown
9.3 Towards What Shall We Steer And Why
9.4 Freedom Isn't Free
9.5 A Higher Way And Authority
9.6 The Order Of Authorities
9.7 The Temporal Nature And Evolution Of Human Authority
9.8 The Lower, Temporal, Secular Law, And The Higher, Eternal, Spiritual Law
9.9 The Law That All People Know On A Level Deeper Than Words
9.10 Developing And Articulating Across Time
9.11 The Insufficiency And Inadequacy Of The Old
9.12 The Naiveness And Rashness Of The New
9.13 The Reunion Of The Old And The New
9.14 The One Sovereign That All Sovereigns Are Subject To
9.15 Who Interprets The Spirit And Law Of The One?
9.16 The House Of Wisdom
9.17 Conscious Evolution Of Law And Authority
9.18 The Meta Law
9.19 Rules And Sacrifice
9.20 Rules And Power
9.21 The Fullness Of Sovereignty And Authority Lies With The Individual, Not The State
9.22 All Generations Of Life Are Sacred And Sovereign
9.23 Sentience, Consciousness, And Sovereignty
9.24 Right Relationship And Inter-Existence
9.25 Our Supreme Identify And Citizenship
9.26 Incentives And The Battle Of Good And Evil
9.27 Collective Reflection On Culture
9.28 The Invitation To Sovereignty
9.29 Humanity's Desire For A King
9.30 Awakening To The Truth Of Right Relationship And Authority
9.31 Breaking The Rules To Do What Is Right
9.32 Legality Does Not Determine What Is Right
9.33 Society Does Not Determine What Is Right
9.34 Rules Must Only Be Broken With Great Caution
9.35 Government And Religion Get Authority Backwards
9.36 False Leaders And Authorities
9.37 The Propagation Of Evil Intent Through A System
9.38 Commanders Intent
9.39 The Order Of Intentions And The Meta Intention
9.40 Voluntary Alignment To Higher Intention, Goals, and Values
9.41 The Alternatives To Voluntary Alignment Of Sovereignty
9.42 Using Our Best Judgment And Doing Our Best To Bring The Highest Intention Into Reality
9.43 The Sovereignty, Autonomy And Responsibility Of Every Individual Soldier, Officer, And Wielder Of Force
9.44 The Sovereignty, Authority, and Loyalty of Every Individual Institutional Leader or Member
9.45 The Sovereignty, Authority, and Loyalty of Every Individual Political Leader or Member
9.46 The Sovereignty, Authority, and Loyalty of Every Individual Citizen or Member of Any Old World Structure
9.47 The Sovereignty, Authority, and Loyalty of Every Individual Gang or Cartel Leader or Member
9.48 Indifference and Non-Involvement
9.49 Our Relationship To Systems of Injustice
9.50 But Look at All the Good!
9.51 Charity Vs. Justice Along The Pathways of Life
9.52 Who Has The Authority And Responsibility To Fix It?
9.53 We Come In the Name and Power of One and All

Chapter Ten - The Quest for Unity

10.1 Sovereignty And Unity
10.2 Sovereignty Leads To Action, Action Leads To Community
10.3 Functional Rather Than Dysfunctional Community
10.4 Functional Community Is Functional Unity
10.5 The Needs And Problems Inherent In All Individuals, Organizations, And Communities
10.6 Suffering From Lack Of Solutions To Inherent Problems And Needs
10.7 Unrealized Potential Due To Lack Of Access To Inherent Problems And Needs
10.8 The Duty Of The Individual
10.9 The Duty Of The Community
10.10 Coherent And Enlightened Systems
10.11 Enlightened Beings Create Enlightened Systems, And Vice Versa
10.12 Arising And Transforming From The Bottom Up
10.13 The Infrastructure Of Arising And Becoming
10.14 Higher Order Systems Which Integrate Lower Order Systems Into Functional Unity
10.15 The Order Of Systems And The Meta System
10.16 The Reintegration Of The Human System And The Living System
10.17 Higher Order Sub-Systems
10.18 Over-Centralization And Monoliths
10.19 The Infrastructure Of The Meta System Becomes The Infrastructure Of The New World
10.20 The Elevation Initiative - A Higher Order System Of Total Integrated Wellness And Development
10.21 A Higher Order System Of Total Integrated Wellness
10.22 A Higher Order System Of Community Flourishing
10.23 Wisely Choosing Hospitable Environments To Begin
10.24 Individuals And Systems
10.25 Individuals Inform And Transform Systems And Structure
10.26 Systems And Structure Inform And Transform Individuals
10.27 Properly Ordered Beings In A Properly Ordered Structure In A Properly Ordered Living System
10.28 Protecting The Individual From The Structural
10.29 Stacking Up And Aligning Sovereignty
10.30 Family Sovereignty
10.31 Community Sovereignty
10.32 First, Second, Third... And Tenth Degree Sovereignties
10.33 The Total Nested Hierarchy Of Sovereignties
10.34 The Nation States Of The Old World
10.35 The Order Of Communities And The Meta Community
10.36 The Meta Community
10.37 Protecting the Individual and the Local from the Power of the Meta Community
10.38 Functionally Unified Sovereigns Without a Ruler
10.39 What Binds Us Together?
10.40 Embodying the Spirit Before Hardening the Systems
10.41 What Would Sovereigns In Right Relationship Would Do Together?

Chapter Eleven - The Meta Quest. The Meta Project. The Meta Game. The Meta Goal.

This chapter is a Work In Progress

11.1 A Dark Tale of Old
11.2 A Light Tale of New
11.3 The Meta Quest. The Meta Game. The Meta Project. The Meta Goal.
11.4 Acceptance Criteria for the Meta Game
11.5 Analyzing the Existing Options For Fit Against the Acceptance Criteria
11.6 The Old, the New, and the Feminine
11.7 Rediscovering the Divine Feminine
11.8 Revivifying the Divine Masculine
11.9 The Great Reunion
11.10 The New World Requires a New Game
11.11 The New Game Requires an Ancient and Eternal Foundation
11.12 The Ordo Amoris - The Order of Loves
11.13 The Order of Responsibilities
11.14 The Order of Goals
11.15 But What Will We Eat, What Will We Wear, Where Will We Live?
11.16 The Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals and Loves
11.17 Determining Relative Value, Quality, and Worth 11.21 Optimizing For The One Vs. Optimizing For One
11.22 Playing Games
11.23 How Big of a Game Can We Play? 11.24 Choosing The Highest Game
11.25 Acceptance Criteria For Our New Lives and New World
11.26 The Meta Goal of the Meta Game
11.27 The Meta Movement of the Meta Game
11.28 What Is Possible?
11.29 Potential Latent in Synergy and Relationships
11.30 When Ideas Procreate
11.31 Who Owns the Product of Synergy
11.32 Success in the Meta Game
11.33 Why Play The Game?
11.34 The Circle of Life
11.35 The Proper Way of Being and Moving
11.36 The Spirit of The Game
11.37 The Order of Rules 11.38 Rules of the Meta Game
11.39 The Universal Playground
11.40 Worksite Earth
11.41 Plans and Specifications
11.42 The Meta Project
11.43 Pragmatic Application, Not Esoteric Notions
11.44 Operationalizing The Way
11.45 Higher Order Functional Unity Through Spirit, Not Ideology 11.46 Analyzing Existing Forces, Conditions, and Context
11.47 Historical Context of the Broken Paradigms
11.48 What Has Been Missing
11.49 A Higher Order Paradigm, Community, and System
11.50 The Goal and Function of the Higher Order System
11.51 Fractal Application of the System to Each Domain
11.52 Wise Plans of Action
11.53 Empowered Co-Creation From the Bottom Up
11.54 Integrated Program Delivery
11.55 Goal Delivery Systems and the Network of Commitments
11.56 Pull Planning
11.57 A Logical Network of Commitments
11.58 Commitments Made and Kept
11.59 The Order of Commitments
11.60 The Path Towards The Goal
11.61 Efficient and Inefficient Paths
11.62 The Critical Path
11.63 Increasing Power and Resources Applied to the Critical Path
11.64 Decreasing Waste
11.65 The Myth of Too (Big, Complicated, Complex, Chaotic) to Plan 11.66 When Plans Are Attacked By Chaos
11.67 Billions of Parallel Paths
11.68 Speaking the New World Into Being
11.69 Like a Pattern, But More Like a Spirit
11.70 Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom, The Way, The One 11.71 Designing and Building That Which Co-Creates the New World
11.72 Initiating Fractal Patterns, Protocols, Scripts, DNA
11.73 Seeds of the Higher Way
11.74 Seeds of a Mighty Forest
11.75 Each Life Form is an Experiment
11.76 The Right People
11.77 The Right Leaders
11.78 The Net of Society
11.79 The Train of Society
11.80 Failure is Not An Option
11.81 The Rate of Critical Path Progress 11.82 12 Million New Spirits a Month
11.83 Quality and Value
11.84 Work That Lacks Quality is not Neutral - It is Harmful Waste 11.85 What is the Budget for the Meta Project?

Chapter Twelve - The Anti-Quest

This chapter is a Work In Progress

12.1 The Quest of the Anti-Hero
12.2 The Nature and Reality of Evil
12.3 The Knowledge of Anti-Goodness
12.4 Pain, Suffering, and Death
12.5 The Causes of Pain, Suffering, and Death
12.6 The Gift and Curse of Fear and Anxiety
12.7 Ignorance and Unintentional Harm
12.8 Evil, Malevolence, and Intentional Harm
12.9 Evil, Malevolence, and Fear
12.10 Forsaking One and All, in Service of Self
12.11 Anti-Good in Good's Clothing
12.12 The Supreme Anti-Good
12.13 The Spirit of Evil
12.14 The Abyss

Malevolence and Relative Power

Chapter Thirteen - The Quest of the Heroes

13.1 The Logos That Brings Forth The World
13.2 The Quest of the Heroes
13.3 What Beckons Beyond
13.4 Moving, Rising, and Falling
13.5 The Call and Embarkation
13.6 Completion, Fulfillment, and Shalom 13.7 The Serpent in the Garden, Part II
13.8 The Generation of Transformation
13.9 Nothing Can Come First
13.10 There is no Turning Back
13.11 Courage and Perseverance
13.12 The Spirit of Wisdom, Courage, and Perseverance Through the Generations
13.13 The Wilderness Between Captivity and the Promised Land
13.14 Sacrificing Others Instead of Your Self 13.15 The Giants Guarding the Land of Promise
13.16 Waiting For A Meta Hero
13.17 Becoming a Hero
13.18 What Do I Do and Where Do I Begin?
13.19 The Embarrassing Shadows of Our Past
13.20 Fear, Mistakes, and Shame
13.21 Embracing and Acknowledging the Light and the Darkness
13.22 Integrating All We Are in Service of the One
13.23 Freedom and Forgiveness
13.24 Liberation From Propositional Knowing and Form
13.25 Rediscovering the Transcendent and Non-Propositional Ultimate Reality 13.26 Re-Anchoring Identity, Knowledge, Loyalty, and Faith in God
13.27 Loving Right Relationship
13.28 Cleaning Up the Messes We Have Made
13.29 The Infinite Walk of Faith
13.30 Lanterns in the Darkness
13.31 No Excuses - It is Absolutely and Inevitably Possible
13.32 The Choice is Ours
13.33 Why Us?
13.34 The Power of God
13.35 Failure is Not an Option
13.36 Everything is Impossible Until it Happens
13.37 Something For Everyone To Do 13.38 Co-Creation with the Best Partner We Could Ever Hope For

Chapter Fourteen - The Art and Science of the Way

14.1 To Know the Way One Must Live It
14.2 A Simple Recipe For Beginning
14.3 Rediscovering Our True Selves
14.4 Creative Right Action Expecting Nothing in Return Pain, Perceived Pain, and Change

Chapter X - Musings From Along the Way

Chapter X - Coming Soon

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