1.8 Operationalizing Wisdom and Truth

The Spirit that liberates the captives rides in with an army. Mounted on the steed of Love powerful enough to wage war for the One We Love, Wisdom and Truth flash from Its mouth like lightening, vanquishing all Its foes. As Truth dashes Darkness to pieces, it forges from them the New Era and the New Order that is Good.

The words are perrennially spoken. They are known to all people of Goodwill. They have been spoken by messengers in every language.

What has been lacking is a shared Vision, 1. Intention, and Way to Operationalize them at scale.

Now that we are in a moment of Meta Crisis, this must be done simultaneously around the world, and rapidly enough to avert the impending demise and land Life on Earth on a safe trajectory towards its Destiny. Because humanity has pushed its systems and the Living System to the brink of failure, every day we do not alter our trajectory, our mission becomes far more difficult and dangerous.

Every day that passes, our options are fewer and more dangerous than the day before.

Yet it is still possible. There is a still a Way. But we must move quickly. Follow me.

We are getting ready to head back through the Boundary.

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