Vision is the ability to Perceive the total set of Potential Futures with clarity, and to select from among them with Wisdom.

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On The Importance of Vision

Two cannot walk together unless they are aligned. A vessel pulled in different directions will be torn asunder. Without a Vision, the people perish.

  • Alignment proceeds from shared Vision.
  • In order to forge shared Vision, We must Dialogue with one another. We must cross the boundaries that have separated us and talk, so that we can discover a shared Vision.
  • Once we discover a shared Vision we can discover the pathways and milestones that mark the Way, and then begin moving together voluntarily towards it.
  • As we Progress, we can learn and share the Stories.
  • Those stories then become Prophesies of even greater things that are possible.
  • Top down compulsion is by definition failed governance. Governance based on power, coercion, and threat is by definition failure.
  • Vision and Wisdom are the antidotes.

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