3.6 Which Forward Looking Stories Are Possible?

This means that our Mind contains an essentially limitless Quantity and Quality of Potential(s).

The array of Potential Forward Looking Stories we could generate are limited by the boundaries of Ultimate Reality, however those boundaries are so far beyond our conception we can safely say that what is possible is exceedingly and abundantly beyond all we could ask or imagine.

If that is approximately True, then essentially any Vision we can imagine is possible provided that it does not violate the boundaries or will of One and All.

It is not possible to indefinitely violate the boundaries and will of One and All, so eventually any Pattern of Action that does so would be thwarted.

Therefore we can say that any Good Vision is Possible, no matter how massive, powerful, or transformational it might be.

It is not possible to choose an Aim that is too high.

Therefore we should always Aim at the Highest Intention and Greatest Good of Which We Can Presently Conceive.

To conceive of it means that we must generate it as a Potential in our mind.

To generate it as a potential in our mind means that we must be able to envision it.

To envision it means that we could begin to describe it.

To describe it we would use Narrative.

The Narrative lays itself out as a Story.

The Story is inherently possible, or we would have not been able to conceive of it, because what is possible is exceedingly and abundantly beyond all we can presently ask or imagine.

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