A Way Beyond Fear, Anxiety, And Depression

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut

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0.1 About

One - You Are Not Alone In Your Emotions

1.1 The Intention of This Book
1.2 You Are Not Alone
1.3 Elevated Heart Rate, Shallow Breathing, Uneasiness in the Gut
1.4 Anxiety Is The System's Default Mode
1.5 You Are Not Your Body. You Are Not Your Thoughts.
1.6 Balance And Flow Of Energy In The System
1.7 Choosing A Worthy Aim
1.8 Advance, Remain, Retreat
1.9 Green, Yellow, Red
1.10 Body to Brain Signaling
1.11 Brain To Body Signaling
1.12 The Role of Dopamine
1.13 Enthusiasm
1.14 The Poles Of Mania And Depression
1.15 The Quality And Quantity Of Pleasure And Positive Emotion
1.16 Rewiring Our Brain

Two - Regaining Conscious Agency

2.1 Envisioning Various Futures, Selves, and Plans
2.2 Conscious Agency
2.3 Boundaries And Rules
2.4 Losing Consciousness
2.5 Accessing Alternate Futures, Selves, and Rule Sets
2.6 Regaining Consciousness
2.7 Consciously Conducting

Three - The Stories We Tell Our Selves

3.0 Stories
3.1 Avatars
3.2 Forward Looking Stories
3.3 Patterns Of Action
3.4 Narrative Descriptions
3.5 A Multitude Of Stories
3.6 Which Forward Looking Stories Are Possible?
3.7 Evaluating And Consciously Determining Which Story To Enact
3.8 Allowing The Best Stories To Live, And The Worst Stories To Die
3.9 What Limits The Stories We Tell Our Selves?
3.10 Self Limiting Beliefs
3.11 The Girl And The Boundary
3.12 What Boundaries Are Limiting Your Stories
3.13 Co-Creating Our Forward Looking Story
3.14 Limit Stories
3.15 Backwards Looking Stories
3.16 Which Backward Looking Stories Are True?
3.17 Co-Creating Our Backwards Looking Story
3.18 Fragmentation and Incoherence
3.19 Clarity On Past, Present, And Future

Four - Navigating and Moving

4.0 Gathering Energy and Getting In Motion Towards The Goal
4.1 The Smallest Step
4.2 How To Navigate And Move
4.3 The Proper Orientation And Stance
4.4 The Improper Orientation And Stance
4.5 Making Our Selves Strong
4.6 Confronting and Overcoming That Which We Fear
4.7 A New State Of Being
4.8 The Rewarding State And The Rewarding Goal
4.9 Raising The Standard To The Highest One
4.10 Measuring Against Who And Where We Were
4.11 The Key To Happiness
4.12 Co-Creating Heaven On Earth
4.13 What Comes Next

Five - A Way Forward

5.0 A Way Forward

5.1 A Way Forward For Individuals
5.2 A Way Forward For Families
5.3 A Way Forward For Groups
5.4 A Way Forward For Communities
5.4 A Way Forward For the Universal Collective

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