2.2 Conscious Agency

By differentiating our Selves from our Embodiment, our thoughts, and the various potential future patterns of action we imagine...

...we develop ever greater levels of the greatest gift our Source has given us:

Conscious Agency.

We become enlightened and empowered to Consciously Decide upon and Co-Create, out of the total set of all possible futures, the Best Possible Future we can imagine.

The function of our Conscious Agency is to accurately analyze this Total Set Of Potential Futures in the Abstract realm, and then make a conscious decision to attempt to Realize the one that seems most likely to help us Achieve Success and Avoid Failure relative to our Worthy Aim.

This allow us to assess likely outcomes and potentials of various patterns of action prior to implementation.

Assessing potentials prior to implementation allows us to "kill off" bad ideas and faulty plans of action in the Metaphysical realm.

Killing off bad ideas and plans in the Metaphysical realm prevents them from entering Reality and resulting in our failure or death in the Physical realm.

This is why Wise elders have said that without a Vision the people perish.

Failure and suffering is inherent in the attempt to Navigate without a Guiding and Uniting Vision.

When we can consciously survey the available Configuration Space of Reality, envision multiple futures and selves, and consciously choose the Best And Highest Vision to implement...

We gain the clarity, freedom, and joy that comes with knowing Where We Are Going and Why, and knowing that it is not only Good, but it is better in every way than the past we are leaving behind.

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