2.1 Envisioning Various Futures, Selves, and Plans

To help us achieve success and avoid failure on our Quest towards our Worthy Goal...

...our Prefrontal Cortex uses the information it receives from the Insula on our Embodied State of Being and Internal Context...

...along with our total Perception of our environment and External Context...

...to help us envision various potentials we might Enact to advance towards our Goal.

These potentials lay themselves out as Forward Looking Stories composed of potential selves, patterns of action, and responses from Reality, which generate an array of potential futures.

Body to Brain Signaling is a wonderful gift that allows our Consciousness to take into account our State Of Embodiment as it generates potential futures. This is key to ensuring the potential patterns of action it generates "fit" all dimensions of our present reality, including our Internal Context and External Context.

This imaginative generation of multiple potential futures and plans of action is one of our greatest capabilities, as it allows us to evaluate potentials in the realm of abstraction before we Enact them.

Each envisioned future is like a potential Plan of Action or Play that could be implemented, if we so choose.

Ideally, we then Consciously Choose, out of all the potential visions of our future, the one most positive and Good Vision to attempt to Enact, Embody and Realize.

To be properly calibrated, these imagined Plans of Action must be relative to our Integrated and Worthy Goal.

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