Frequently Asked Questions

This page is a Work In Progress in which are going to begin to answer some frequently asked questions.

Top Questions

  1. FAQ - In One Sentence, What Are We Doing?
  2. FAQ - What Is Lionsberg?
  3. FAQ - What Is The Meta Project?
  4. FAQ - What is the Relationship Between Lionsberg and the Meta Project?
  5. FAQ - What Is The Intention?
  6. FAQ - What Is The Goal?
  7. FAQ - What are the Goals of Lionsberg?
  8. FAQ - How Does Lionsberg Work?
  9. FAQ - What are the Guiding Principles and Values of Lionsberg?
  10. FAQ - How Does Lionsberg Address the Local and Global Challenges We Face Today?
  11. FAQ - What Are the Benefits of the Lionsberg System?
  12. FAQ - How Can I Get Involved in Lionsberg?
  13. FAQ - What is the Difference Between Lionsberg and Other Systems and Approaches?
  14. FAQ - How Does Lionsberg Align with my Beliefs and Values?
  15. FAQ - How Can Lionsberg Make a Difference in the World?
  16. FAQ - Is There an Overview That Can Help Me Understand Better?
  17. FAQ - What Are Some Metaphors For the Lionsberg System and Approach?

Questions of Intention, Aim, and Goal (Where We Are Going)

  1. FAQ - What Are You Aiming At?
  2. FAQ - Why?
  3. FAQ - What Makes You Think This Will Help And Not Harm?
  4. FAQ - Where Are We Going?

Questions on History and Inception (How We Got Here)

  1. FAQ - How Did You Get Here? Who Has Contributed? Can I Trust This?

Questions on Structure

  1. FAQ - What Is The Structure Of Lionsberg?

Questions of Permission and Authority

  1. FAQ - Who Gave You Permission and Authority?
  2. FAQ - How Dare You?!
  3. FAQ - This Sounds Arrogant, Audacious, And Impossible

Questions of Fear

  1. FAQ - This Sounds Like Socialism
  2. FAQ - This Sounds Like the Dreaded One World Government of the Anti-Christ

Questions of Science and Belief

  1. FAQ - How does the Lionsberg System align with biblical principles and values?
  2. FAQ - How does the Lionsberg System align with scientific principles and values?
  3. FAQ - How does the Lionsberg System align with philosophical principles and values?
  4. FAQ - How does the Lionsberg System align with spiritual principles and values?
  5. FAQ - How does the Lionsberg System wisely balance spiritual, philosophical, and scientific perspectives in decision making?
  6. FAQ - Why is the balance of spiritual, philosophical, and scientific perspectives so critical to navigating society towards its goals and values?

Questions on Resources

  1. FAQ - Where Have The Resources Come From To Get To Where We Are?
  2. FAQ - Where Will The Resources Come From To Get To Where We Are Going?
  3. FAQ - How Much Bridge Funding Is Required Over The First 2 to 3 Years?

Questions on Governance

  1. FAQ - How Does Governance Work in the Lionsberg System?
  2. FAQ - How Will We Make Decisions?
  3. FAQ - What If We Disagree?
  4. FAQ - Why Is Jordan Running For President? Doesn't That Put This All In Jeopardy?

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