FAQ - This Sounds Arrogant, Audacious, And Impossible

The Lionsberg System may seem audacious and impossible at first glance, but it is important to remember that true progress and change often starts with bold and ambitious ideas. Especially in times of unprecedented crisis. The Lionsberg System is not about one person or group claiming authority or permission, but about empowering people and communities to come together and take control of their own development. We understand that this can be a difficult concept to grasp, but we believe that by working together and leveraging the collective intelligence and creativity of people and communities, we can create a more just, sustainable, and prosperous world for all. The impossible is possible, when we dare to dream and dare to do.

The idea of voluntarily arising and uniting to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis and forge a loving, just and good society that works for all its inhabitants belongs to a unique category of things; those that we will never know if they are possible, unless and until we try.

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