Above The Chaos

Hello world. This is a creative stream from Jordan Nicholas Sukut, Founder of Lionsberg.

Above The Chaos is a podcast, blog, tour, and video series intended to inspire and unite the Force For Good.

Join us as we rise up, hover over the roiling waters of chaos and darkness, and articulate the Truthful words that bring forth the future that is most Good.

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  • Above The Chaos, 2023 August Update From Jordan
  • The Reset: Reset experiment to focus on broadcasting and publishing leading with Jordan's personal voice instead of Lionsberg (speaking, podcasting, writing), and working to progressively unite and empower those who respond.
  • The Home Base: Interstate move, establish new homestead / base of operations in Idaho
  • The Lawsuit: Filed corruption lawsuit Jordan Nicholas Sukut v. County of San Bernardino et al in Federal Court - complaint can be downloaded and viewed Here
  • The Books: Advanced the series of Lionsberg Wiki Books to provide additional written backbone for The Movement
  • The Podcast: Record and produce first two podcast episodes
  • The Next Experiment - Launch next social experiment September 1 with release of first two podcasts

April / May / June 2023

April / May / June 2023 were spent preparing two Pioneer cohorts to embark and see if we could spark a chain reaction. Below is a sample of orientation materials we were working through. Based on our learnings and discernment, we reset the experiment in July and August towards reaching a larger audience with a more decentralized model.

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