Above The Chaos, 2022.07.16 Public Update

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.07.16 (updated 2022.07.28)

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Hello Friends and Allies,

Our new season got off the ground with more energy than we could have expected. It is such an honor to be collaborating with such beautiful hearts and minds.

Once we found the starting core and hit our internal coordinating limit given current patterns and infrastructure, we backed off public messaging to give us time to build the next phases of infrastructure and make sure we didn't create inbound that we were unable to handle.

We are now ready to resume public broadcasting.

The battle is still shaping up along three fronts, outlined below.

If we are going to solve the crises and accomplish the goals inherent in this moment in history, at least three fronts are required:

Front 1: Connecting and Empowering the Global Community / Coalition of Goodwill

Our first and primary focus of energy has been on connecting, equipping, and empowering the global community of goodwill.

We are simultaenously co-creating both a powerful Community and successor System that has the potential to be so far superior, it renders the Old obsolete.

We are calling this effort the Lionsberg | Meta Project.

To do this we have been hosting multiple weekly international convenings online, and engaging in weekly action to advance the infrastructure, frameworks and patterns of organizing across the lines that formerly divided us.

What has emerged has been amazing.

If you are intersted in an inside look at that is happening, check out the recent 2022.07.05 Request For Guidance, which is a richly linked resource to many elements that are alive right now. It will likely be overwhelming if you haven't been following along, but don't worry! There is plenty of time to get up to speed.

We are working to assemble a media team so that we can begin broadcasting meetings, interviews, and events online.

Just as an example, numerous forms of life are emerging, including green shoots focused on areas such as:

  1. Declaration / Constitution Group
  2. Resourcing and Funding Group
  3. Program and Process Management Group
  4. Wiki Posse Group
  5. Start Page Keepers Group
  6. Map Weavers Group
  7. Social Dimmensions Group
  8. Interviewing Group
  9. Skills and Passions Group (concluding and folding into other Groups)
  10. Story Group
  11. Artifacts Publishing Group
  12. General Resources Group
  13. Effectiveness, Pragmatics, and Ethics Group
  14. Wisdom Seekers Group
  15. Community Currency Group
  16. Harvesting and Composting Group
  17. Plans and Specifications Group
  18. Governance and Patterns Group
  19. Branding, Messaging, and Communications Group
  20. Infrastructure and Technology Group
  21. Kenya Group

Other allied and emergent groups include all the key areas you would expect including 1) Learning / Education 2) Emergency Relief 3) Air / Soil / Water 4) Regenerative Agriculture 5) Governance 6) Health and Wellness 7) Community Currencies and Finance 8) Generational Transfer / Legacy, 9) Underwater Munitions, etc.

There are numerous coalitions in all these areas that are gravitating closer and closer together.

With the basic infrastructure, patterns, and declarations in place, the next step is to begin coordinating and aligning resources and goals in service of the highest intention and greatest good that unites us.

We are not far away from having a community and platform capable of helping any individual or community in the world with an internet connection have the opportunity for a world class life-long learning and development process, coordinated with a community dedicated to helping one another rise towards our potential and flourish.

Action: We are making rapid progress on the Lionsberg | Meta Project - if you would like to engage or support in any way, please reach out and let me know.

Front 2: Leveraging Existing Systems of Justice to Hold Corrupt and Exploitative Actors Accountable

Beyond our own experience with church and County governance, new evidence is surfacing every day highlighting how corrupt and dysfunctional our Old leadership and institutions have become.

In our own story, after 150 families lost their livlihoods and we lost our wealth, home, spiritual community, and reputation standing up to corrupt actors, we were unable to approach even the outer fringes of Justice through the mandatory mediation processes with Church and State. Not surprisignly, our experience is that bad actors do not operate in good faith. The good news is that our naivete has now been shattered entirely and we are more prepared and awake than ever for the battles that lie ahead.

This week marks a milestone decision as the statue of limitations approaches, and we decide in the wake of failed mediation whether and how to leverage the existing systems of justice.

The reality is that thousands of cases like ours, and far more significant, will have to be litigated in order to get corrupt and bad actors to cease their exploitation of the earth and its inhabitants.

Our hypothesis is that this will ultimately require us to take the immediate actions available to preserve our rights, as we co-create a powerful legal coalition / machine capable of advancing on many fronts simultaneously.

Action: We will soon begin to assemble a legal advisory committee and resources - if you would like to engage with us on the legal fronts of battle, please reach out and let me know.

Front 3: Voting the Old / Corrupt Out, and the New / Aligned In.

Just like our story is one example of thousands of legal battles that need to be waged over corruption, so too is our story one example of thousands of efforts that will need to be taken to vote the Old / Corrupt leaders out of offices around the world, and vote New / Aligned leaders in.

We still cannot see any path we could personally take responsiblity for walking, that might work, that does not involve getting a strong, independent, non-corrupt leader into highest office in the US in 2024. This would allow us to work together to realign and redirect the might of the US in the second half of this decade in service of All. Because that will likely be one of the worst and most dangerous jobs in the world to tackle, we are still willing to risk our lives and reputations to confront the entrenched power structures and try. However unlikely it may be, there are a certain class of things, that you can never know whether they are true or possible, until you try.

For now, all resources and efforts are being directed to building the thought, infrastructure, and technology that will serve as a platform to connect and empower millions of individuals and organizations around the world. Any potential political action can only follow as a consequence of the success of that first effort. At a later date, as that succeeds, we will sequentially set up individual campaign structures.

Action: We will soon begin to assemble a political exploratory / advisory committee and resources in preparation for 2024 - if you would like to engage with us on the political fronts of battle, please reach out and let me know.

It Might Work

This might work. It might not work. But we still remain convinced we have to at least try.

If we can help inspire a global community to design and build itself, together we will be able to accomplish every other thing that must logically follow.

Every Step and Every Story Is A Prophesy

Each day, each week, each month that goes by stories and successes are emerging. Each of those stories and successes is a small prophesy of even greater things that are possible in the future if we continue to advance in Faith, Hope, and Love.

If I look down and see my daughter and God's children around the world suffering in the kind of world that lies at the end of Society's current trajectory, I want to be sure that I was courageous, did everything I could, and died trying.

So - as unqualified as we might be, we have forged a meaningful global coalition, have built the infrastructure and patterns, and now we must see if it might be possible to broadcast and globally scale.

Now we need your help.

Because it is only a matter of time until we are deplatformed, we are building internal tech platforms and a mailing list.

For now - DM me or send an email to J@Lionsberg.org with your email if you'd like to follow along or support in any way, and we will connect you to the emerging community.

I am currently not able to respond to every inbound message, but I will do my best to read them all and take wise next steps based on the content, offers, and needs expressed. If I do not respond, please do not take it personally or think I do not love you and care deeply. It is a heavy lift to bootstrap this.

It might work. What I know for sure is that directly ahead of us is a logical series of events, that if we could get through them together one by one, would definitively change the course of history. There is no ethical option available but for us to try to progress through them.

So far, we have gotten through the first few difficult steps. This month, we are capable of accomplishing a few more. God only lights up the Way a few steps at a time.

For now, all that needs to happen is for the right next people to stand up. I hope that includes you, and I look forward to hearing from you.

With Love, In Community,

~ J

P.S. If you start seeing Jordan Nicholas floating around, it's still me, just using my middle name to make it easier to say, while trying to shield innocent family members from the battles and embarrassments that lie ahead.

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