Above The Chaos, The Lionsberg Theory of Everything

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2024.01.11 (updated 2024.01.11)

A post in Above The Chaos.

This is a work in progress, intended to provide the conceptual outlines of a book that will eventually write itself.

Bottom line up front: Everything is one interexistent Living System. Humanity, imbued with creative consciousness and the Spirit of God, has a duty and responsibility to co-create in partnership with God and One Another. All existence should be explored through the lens of interexistence and co-creation as individuated aspects of One Living System arising from, animated by, and existing in One Source and Sustainer of All. This view requires reintegrating the spiritual and scientific domains by developing a unified theory of existence. This understanding of interexistence and ultimate unity arising from One Creatively Conscious Source is crucial to consciously reintegrating and realigning the Human System with the Living System that contains and sustains it.

1. Why A Theory of Everything

The New Vision, System, Strategy, and Plan I am proposing is based upon the understanding of the interexistence of All in One.

Without a unifying framework within which to intelligibly order our existence, thoughts, words, and actions, we are bound to a life of fragmentation and disintegration. This inherently contains within itself suffering.

Such a unifying framework, or Theory of Everything, must transcend the conventional boundaries of science, spirituality, and philosophy, seeking to unify the fundamental forces of physics with their Source and harmonize the seemingly disparate realms of the physical universe with the depths of human experience, consciousness, and Spirit.

At its core, the need for a Theory of Everything stems from the limitations of our current paradigms, which, while immensely powerful, fall short in reconciling Spirit and philosophy with general relativity, quantum mechanics, and the subtler levels beyond the quantum, and more so, in addressing the deeper existential questions that pervade human consciousness.

2. The Classical / Macroscopic Realm

As we embark on this journey towards a unified understanding of reality, our first stop is the classical or macroscopic realm. This domain, governed by the laws of classical physics, is where the tangible and observable aspects of our universe manifest. It's a realm familiar to us, the backdrop of our everyday experiences, where objects move in predictable patterns, time flows steadily, and the vastness of space can be perceived, traversed and measured.

Classical physics, with its roots in the works of luminaries like Newton and Einstein, provides a remarkably accurate description of the macroscopic world. From the motion of celestial bodies to the mechanics of everyday objects, it offers a framework that explains the behavior of matter and energy on a scale visible to the naked eye or through standard optical instruments. This realm is characterized by apparent determinism and continuity, where causes lead to effects in a linear and predictable fashion.

While it is the most easily perceptible realm, it encounters limitations as it fails to explain phenomena at the very small scale (quantum realm) or in conditions of extreme gravity (as near black holes). Additionally, while it excels in describing how things happen, it offers less insight into why they happen, leaving the door open to deeper questions about the nature of reality, causality, and the underlying fabric of the universe.

While the classical realm is foundational to our understanding of the universe, it is but the first layer in the intricate tapestry of existence. To move towards a Theory of Everything, we must look beyond the macroscopic, exploring the quantum realm, and even deeper, into the realms beyond spacetime, where the fundamental forces of nature and the mysteries of energy, consciousness and spirit await. This exploration calls for an expansion of our scientific horizons and a philosophical openness to new dimensions of understanding.

3. The Quantum / Microscopic Realm

Delving deeper into the intricate fabric of reality, we enter the quantum or microscopic realm, a domain markedly distinct from the predictable and tangible world of classical physics. Here, in the world of the exceedingly small, the emergent building blocks of the universe reveal behaviors that challenge our conventional understanding of reality.

The Counterintuitive Nature of Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics, the branch of physics developed to explain phenomena at atomic and subatomic levels, presents a reality that is starkly different from our everyday experiences. In this realm, particles like electrons and photons exhibit dual characteristics, behaving as both particles and waves. Phenomena such as superposition and entanglement defy classical intuitions – a particle can exist in multiple states simultaneously until observed, and entangled particles can affect each other instantaneously over vast distances.

Quantum Uncertainty and Probability

One of the hallmark features of quantum mechanics is the principle of uncertainty, famously articulated by Heisenberg. It suggests that certain pairs of properties, like position and momentum, cannot be precisely known simultaneously. This inherent uncertainty gives rise to a probabilistic nature of quantum physics, where the outcomes of physical processes are expressed in terms of probabilities rather than definitive predictions.

Quantum Realm’s Influence on the Macroscopic World

While the quantum realm might seem remote and detached from our everyday reality, its effects permeate the macroscopic world. Technologies like semiconductors, lasers, and MRI machines are all predicated on principles of quantum mechanics. Furthermore, the quantum realm challenges our notions of causality, locality, and even the nature of information, with potential implications for fields ranging from computing to cryptography.

Challenges and the Quest for Deeper Understanding

The quantum realm, though extensively studied and harnessed, still harbors profound mysteries. The interpretation of quantum mechanics remains a topic of intense debate among physicists. Questions about the role of the observer, the nature of wave function collapse, and the implications of quantum entanglement continue to provoke both scientific and philosophical inquiries. The reconciliation of quantum mechanics with general relativity – the theory that excellently describes gravitational phenomena at the macroscopic level – remains elusive. Further, quantum mechanics only operates effectively down to the Planck scale (about 1.6×10^−35 meters). Beyond this scale, conventional quantum theories do not hold, suggesting that SpaceTime itself is not fundamental.

4. The Need for a New Theory

Acknowledging these limitations leads to the realization that a new, more encompassing theory is needed – one that transcends the classical and quantum realms and delves into the deeper, more fundamental aspects of reality.

  1. Space-Time Not Fundamental: The emergent understanding that space-time may not be a fundamental aspect of reality but rather a result of deeper phenomena necessitates a new theoretical approach.

  2. Beyond the Planck Scale: A comprehensive theory must operate beyond the Planck scale, where the known laws of physics breakdown. This theory would unify gravity and the other forces previously perceived as fundamental, and provide a coherent understanding of the universe from the largest to the smallest scales.

  3. Incorporating the More Subtle Aspects of Reality: In addition to unifying the forces and particles, this new framework should also consider the less tangible aspects of reality – from energy and primordial fabrics subtler than than Planck scale, to consciousness, intention, attention and other phenomena that classical and quantum physics have traditionally overlooked.

While the realms of classical and quantum physics have dramatically advanced our understanding of the universe, their inherent limitations point towards the necessity of a new, more holistic theory. This theory would not only bridge the gap between the large and the small, the seen and the unseen, but it would also need to incorporate the fundamental role of Spirit and consciousness, pushing the boundaries of our understanding beyond the Planck scale into the very essence of reality. The theory would provide a holistic view of Reality and its Source, encompassing not just the observable physical universe but also its more subtle aspects, including consciousness and other subtle yet-to-be-measured elements of existence.

4. The Religious and Philosophical Realms

5. The Lionsberg Theory of Everything

In the pursuit of a Theory of Everything, our exploration takes us beyond the familiar territories of classical and quantum realms into the concept of Depth – probing what lies deeper and is more fundamental than these easily observable and well-charted areas.

The exploration of depth in the context of a Theory of Everything leads us into uncharted territories, where the very notions of space, time, and material existence are redefined and recontextualized. In this deeper realm beyond Planck scale where our current understanding ceases to be adequate, Source, Spirit, Consciousness, and subtler aspects of reality become integral to our understanding of the universe as we touch the layers of Reality that are more fundamental, from which SpaceTime and the particles, waves, and forces we observe in the quantum realm emerge.

This deeper understanding fundamentally nests the entirety of human religious, philosophical, and scientific enterprise, themselves aspects of the Human System, within a single interexistent Living System, which itself is the outward manifestation, or physical embodiment, of the Spirit and Logos of God / Ultimate Reality.

1. The Transcendent Ultimate Reality / Ultimate Depth / Absolute

In our pursuit of a comprehensive Theory of Everything, we inevitably encounter the concept of a Transcendent Ultimate Reality, synonymous with the understanding of God in various spiritual and religious traditions.

At its core, the Transcendent Ultimate Reality represents the Absolute foundation of all existence. It is the primal cause, the uncaused cause, or the unmanifest Source from which everything in the universe, both physical and metaphysical, originates. It is the single Primordial Fact required by any model or system.

This definition of Ultimate Reality aligns with the concept of God in many religious traditions. It is the same Absolute pointed to by the notions of the omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent God in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, the Brahman in Hinduism, and the Creator in hundreds of indigenous traditions - the singular, all-encompassing Ultimate Reality beyond and prior to all forms and phenomena.

The transcendent Ultimate Reality is the singular unifying principle that reconciles within itself all apparent contradictions and dichotomies. It is the Source from which the laws governing the physical and metaphysical universe emanate, offering a unified explanation of All phenomena.

Approaching the transcendent Ultimate Reality in this Way involves humbly rediscovering the true essence of God - not as an elementary anthropomorphic entity, but as the fundamental essence and generative Source that creates, permeates and sustains all interexistence. This perspective encourages a redefinition of humanity's knowledge and understanding of God, moving beyond elementary religious depictions to a more profound recognition of an Ultimate Reality that is both immanent and transcendent, intimately connected to every aspect of the interexistent universe.It offers a path to harmonize the deepest spiritual beliefs with the cutting-edge discoveries of science. It provides a framework where the notion of God transcends religious, ideological, and conceptual boundaries, reestablishing itself as the universal principle that underlies and unites all of existence within its Self. This understanding not only deepens our spiritual insights but also propels our scientific quest to unravel the mysteries of the intelligible universe we exist as an aspect of, guiding us towards a more integrated and holistic view of Reality and Ultimate Reality as One.

2. Spirit and Consciousness as Emergent Properties of Ultimate Reality

Advancing in our conceptual journey towards a Theory of Everything, we now explore the nature of Spirit and Consciousness as emergent properties of the transcendent Ultimate Reality. This exploration is pivotal in bridging the tangible realms of science with the intangible aspects of spiritual and metaphysical experience.

In this framework, Spirit is conceived as the manifest essence that emerges from and is one with transcendent Ultimate Reality. It is the Central Animating Principle that infuses all of Creation with Beingness, providing the vital bridge between the unmanifest potentialities of the Ultimate Reality and the manifest world of forms and phenomena in Reality.

Consciousness, in this context, is not merely an epiphenomenon of complex neurological processes or evolution. Instead, it is viewed as a fundamental aspect of Reality, emerging directly from and as an aspect of Ultimate Reality, and able to shape and intervene in Reality through the Conscious Agency of both the One, and the accretions of Conscious Agency in SpaceTime. This perspective posits consciousness as an intrinsic quality of Ultimate Reality prior to Reality, manifesting in myriad forms and degrees across the universe it is generating.

In philosophical and spiritual terms, this conceptualization of Spirit and Consciousness aligns with numerous religious and mystical traditions, suggesting a deep connection between the inner world of human experience, the outer world of physical reality, and the Divine Substrate from which both arise.

By viewing Spirit and Consciousness as inherent aspects of and emergent from from the transcendent Ultimate Reality, or God, a unified and holistic view of existence is established. This view bridges the divide between the physical and the metaphysical, suggesting a cosmos that is not only intricate, intelligible and interconnected but also conscious and purposeful.

This perspective calls for a paradigm shift in science, where Spirit and Consciousness is not an afterthought but a fundamental reason for the intelligibility of the universe that science seeks to explore, deserving of not only serious study and consideration, but awe and reverence as we seek to discover All that the Creator has in Mind.

In spiritual terms, this understanding deepens the insights into human existence and experience, suggesting that our spirit and consciousness is not isolated but part of the total fabric of Spirit and Consciousness emanating from its Source, or God.

The conceptualization of Spirit and Consciousness as emergent properties of Ultimate Reality offers a profound reimagining of our place in the universe. It bridges the gap between the seen and the unseen, the scientific and the spiritual, suggesting that we are not mere observers of a mechanical universe but active participants and conscious agents in a conscious, living cosmos. This perspective holds the potential to redefine our understanding of Reality and Ultimate Reality, offering new insights into the nature of existence, consciousness, and the ultimate purpose of the cosmos and our place within it.

3. The Logos as an Emergent Property of Consciousness

Building upon the understanding of Spirit and Consciousness as emergent properties of the Ultimate Reality, we now turn to the concept of the Logos. In this framework, the Logos is understood as an emergent property of Supreme Consciousness and Infinite Intelligence, a principle that brings order, reason, and intelligibility to the universe. This concept provides a bridge between the metaphysical and the physical, offering a profound insight into how the cosmos is shaped and governed.

The Logos is conceived as the cosmic reason or the organizing principle that emerges from the interplay of Spirit and Consciousness. It is the 'word' or the 'reason' or the 'logic' behind the intelligible structure of the universe, an emergent property that brings coherence and order to the embodied cosmos being created and sustained by the One.

Through the Logos, the infinite potentialities within Ultimate Reality are structured, ordered and progressively articulated into manifestable form. This process involves the Logos imprinting itself upon the fabric of Reality, in-structing it, in-forming it, thereby guiding the behavior and transformation of the universe.

The Logos acts as a bridge between the realm of pure consciousness and infinite potential and the manifesting of the physical universe. It is through the Logos that consciousness articulates, limits, and exerts its influence on the manifest world, shaping and directing the flow of physical phenomena in accordance with its inherent Logic.

The Logos is fundamental to the intelligibility of the universe. It is the principle that allows the cosmos to be comprehensible, both to human understanding and in the broader context of how the universe operates.

Further, the exploration of the intelligible universe and its Logos provides a window into the Mind and Intelligence of God, the One manifesting the All.

The Logos, as an emergent property of consciousness, suggests a new paradigm for understanding the universe. It integrates the realms of physical laws with the deeper aspects of Spirit and Consciousness, providing a holistic view of how the cosmos is structured and evolves as it flows from the Mind and Word of God.

In our daily lives and scientific endeavors, the Logos manifests as the laws of the universe, the principles of logic and reason, and the innate orderliness of the cosmos. It is what makes the universe consistent and knowable, allowing us to explore and understand it. It is also associated with the incarnation of Supreme Consciousness in SpaceTime, for instance through the archetypical example of Christ.

The concept of the Logos as an emergent property of Supreme Consciousness deepens our understanding of the cosmos. It suggests that the universe is not a random or chaotic assembly of matter and energy, but a coherent and intelligible System guided by a Divine Principle and Order that emerges from the very essence of Consciousness, Spirit, and ultimately their Source. This understanding bridges the gap between the spiritual and the material, offering a unified view of Reality that encompasses the physical laws of the universe and the deeper, more subtle realms of existence, flowing from Source.

4. Reality as an Emergent Property of Ultimate Reality

Progressing further in our exploration towards a unified Theory of Everything, we arrive at the concept of Reality as an emergent property of the Ultimate Reality. This perspective posits that the universe we perceive and interact with is a manifestation emerging from deeper, more fundamental layers of Reality, all of which ultimately emerge from Ultimate Reality.

The physical universe, with All its complexity and diversity, emerges from One Ultimate Reality. This emergent, or manifest, Reality encompasses everything we experience through our senses and scientific instruments – from the cosmic expanse, to the minutiae of quantum particles, to the depths of the energetic and spiritual realms beyond the Planck scale.

The emergent Reality, structured in accordance with the Logos, is inherently intelligible and ordered. It operates under a set of consistent laws and principles, making it comprehensible and predictable.

Reality is not static; it is dynamic and continuously transforming and evolving in pursuit of the Logos and ultimately the Creator's Intent. It is a living, breathing manifestation of the Ultimate Reality, subject to the ongoing creative agency of the Central Animating Spirit and Logos of the One.

Viewing Reality as an emergent property changes our perspective on existence. It suggests that the universe is more than just a collection of physical entities and processes; it is a manifestation of something much deeper and more profound. This view harmonizes scientific understanding with spiritual insight. It bridges the gap between the physical world studied by science and the metaphysical concepts central to many spiritual traditions by positing their Ultimate Unity in God.

The conceptualization of Reality as an emergent property of Ultimate Reality offers a profound framework for understanding the cosmos. It suggests that the universe we experience is a manifestation of a deeper, more fundamental Truth. This framework not only provides a basis for a unified theory that intertwines the physical and metaphysical but also offers a more holistic understanding of our existence – one that encompasses not merely the tangible aspects of Reality but also its transcendent Source and Sustainer.

5. The Primordial Unity Fabric

As we delve deeper into the unified Theory of Everything, we encounter the concept of the Primordial Unity Fabric (PUF). The PUF represents a fundamental aspect of reality, a substratum of Potential from which the physical universe and all its complexities emerge in accordance with the Logos.

A Primordial Unity Fabric is conceptually necessary to account for the most subtle manifest substance of Reality. It can be envisioned as the manifest foundational fabric of existence, a field of pure potentiality that precedes and underlies all forces, patterns, forms and phenomena in the manifest universe. It is the Deepest manifest layer from which the physical universe springs.

This fabric transcends our traditional understanding of physical space and time, operating at levels of subtlety and unity far deeper than the Quantum level, and approaching back to its Origin in Ultimate Reality. It is not made up of particles or waves as we know them but is rather a more profound and subtle aspect of Reality, an infinite expanse of unmanifested Potential.

Whereas conceptually the Logos is often considered an archetypically masculine principle, the PUF represents the archetypically feminine principle. It is the substrate that is, at it were, impregnated and in-formed by the Logos to bring forth Creation in accordance with the Metaphysical DNA implanted in it.

The PUF serves as the manifest field of potential, or the configuration space, from which all created forms arise. It holds the potentialities for all phenomena, from the subtlest spiritual forces, to the smallest subatomic particles to the vastest galaxies.

The Logos, or the divine principle of order, structures and in-forms the PUF, bringing Logical and Intelligible form and structure to its vast potentialities. This interaction is what gives rise to the ordered, intelligible universe we experience.

In the context of theoretical physics, the PUF represents a new frontier. It calls for a paradigm shift in our understanding of the origins and nature of the emergent universe, challenging us to think beyond the limits of current physical theories and limits of observation through the entire array of levels of subtlety emanating directly from Source, resulting in differentiated emergent behavioral properties at each level of analysis and abstraction.

The Primordial Unity Fabric is a crucial component in the quest for a Theory of Everything. It provides a conceptual framework for understanding the emergence of the physical universe from a deeper, more fundamental aspect of Reality, while creating structure and space to explore the emanations of the Universe at levels more subtle than the Quantum. By acknowledging the PUF, we open the door to a new realm of theoretical exploration, one that holds the promise of unifying the physical and metaphysical aspects of existence and deepening our understanding of the cosmos and our place within it.

6. The Interaction of the Logos and the Primordial Unity Fabric Mediated by Spirit

In the pursuit of a comprehensive Theory of Everything, a key aspect is the interaction between the Logos and the Primordial Unity Fabric (PUF), a process mediated by Spirit. This interaction between the conceptually masculine and feminine principles emanating from Source is central to the emergence and evolution of the universe, providing a dynamic, living, purposeful and creative interface between the potentiality of the PUF and the structuring principle of the Logos.

Spirit, in this context, is understood as the deepest manifest essence, or aspect, of Ultimate Reality. It bridges, guides, and animates the manifestation of the Logos and Intention of God into form. It is the active principle that animates and enables the potentialities within the PUF to be realized, structured, and brought to Life according to the Logos.

Through this interaction and in-formation, the cosmos takes form. The Spirit mediates the imprinting of the Logos onto the PUF in accordance will the Intention of God, resulting in the manifestation of the physical universe with its laws, structures, and entities.

As the universe takes form it is the Spirit that animates it and gives it life. It is the essence of the Source and Sustainer of Life, the Life Force within All. All things exist through and are permeated by the Spirit.

The Logos provides the blueprint or the intelligent design that guides the formation of the universe. It is the cosmic reason that imparts information, structure, law, and intelligibility to the manifest world.

The PUF serves as the fertile ground of pure potential. It is the realm of unmanifested possibilities, ready to be actualized through the structuring influence of the Logos and the action of the Spirit guiding its subsequent transformations across SpaceTime.

The Spirit acts as the unifying catalyst and central animating force in this process. It is the anti-entropic force that animates and actualizes the designs of the Logos within the PUF, leading to the emergence of the embodied physical universe in all its diversity, complexity, and order. It is conceptually that which brings Order out of the Chaos of Potential, as represented in the story of Genesis where the Spirit hovers over the waters and brings Creation into Being.

This interaction presents a unified framework for understanding the emergence of the universe as One interexistent Embodiment, or organism. It integrates the abstract concept and pure potentiality of the PUF with the structuring principle of the Logos, mediated by the animating and unifying anti-entropic force of Spirit, which carries forth and makes manifest the Intention and Being of the One.

This model transcends the limitations of classical and quantum physics by incorporating subtler and ultimately metaphysical elements. It offers a more holistic view of the cosmos, encompassing both the physical and the non-physical aspects of reality.

The interaction of the Logos and the Primordial Unity Fabric, mediated by Spirit, provides a profound insight into the workings of the cosmos. It is a dynamic and creative process that brings together the potentiality of the PUF and the structuring principle of the Logos, giving rise to the manifest universe in accordance with the Will and Intention of God. This concept not only deepens our understanding of the cosmos but also bridges the gap between science and spirituality, offering a comprehensive view of reality that encompasses the tangible and the intangible, the seen and the unseen.

7. The Emergence of the Proto-Quantum Matrix

Following the interaction of the Logos, the Primordial Unity Fabric (PUF), and Spirit in the grand schema of the cosmos, we arrive at the emergence of the Proto-Quantum Matrix. This stage represents a critical juncture in the unfolding universe, where the potentialities of the PUF begin to take on more definitive, albeit still subtle, forms leading towards the emergence of the quantum realm.

The Proto-Quantum Matrix can be viewed as an intermediary state in the active and ongoing evolution of the cosmos. It is where the potentialities of the PUF, structured by the Logos and animated by Spirit, first begin to coalesce into subtler forms and animations that precede the quantum realm.

This Matrix acts as a necessary bridge, connecting the profound subtleties of the PUF with the observable structures of quantum reality that begin to operate above the Planck scale.

Within this Matrix, the first semblances of universal laws and distinguishable entities emerge. These forms are subtle and not fully material or measurable by quantum standards, but are nevertheless structured, animate and Real.

The Proto-Quantum Matrix is where the first glimpses of the fundamental forces and fields that govern the quantum realm begin to take shape and become manifest.

The Matrix, like the entire universe, can be thought of in terms of a gradient, from the pure and most subtle potentiality of the PUF at one limit on the side that reaches back towards Source, and the grossest differentiated manifestations that become visible in the Quantum Realm on the other side.

It is important here to note that these named categories are merely tools for understanding what is ultimately One Ultimate Reality, and not to get caught up or entangled in their names or boundaries, which fade away upon closer examination.

This concept challenges and extends current theoretical physics, inviting exploration into realms beyond traditional quantum mechanics and offering a more holistic view of the ongoing creation of the universe.

The emergence of the Proto-Quantum Matrix is a crucial phase in the ongoing cosmic creation, marking the transition from the deep un-informed potentiality of the PUF to the emergent phenomena that precede and guide quantum reality. It is the next phase of embodiment arising from the intricate interplay of the primary metaphysical principles – the Logos, Spirit, and the PUF – ultimately arising from the One Ultimate Reality - in shaping the universe. This stage in the cosmic narrative is not just a theoretical construct but a pivotal link in our quest to comprehend the full spectrum of existence, from the most subtle origins to the more tangible manifest realities of our universe.

8. The Emergence of the Quantum Realm

From the outer edges of the Proto-Quantum Matrix, the Quantum Realm becomes observable, and above Planck scale, its laws begin to apply.

This area is reasonably well studied and well known.

9. The Emergence of the Classical Realm

From the Quantum Realm, the Classical Realm reemerges.

This area is reasonably well studied and well known.

10. The Emergence of the Meta Realm - The All as One Body

At the outer limits of the Classical Realm, encompassing the All, we return to the level of the Absolute / Ultimate, what we might term the Meta Realm.

The Meta Realm orders and encompasses the Total Nested Hierarchy of Realms that could be conceivably differentiated out within itself. It is, by definition, the Whole.

The entirety of the All manifesting from One Source could be considered the living embodiment of the Spirit and Intention of God. It flows from the Mind of God, lives and breathes through the Spirit of God, and ultimately is One Body, One Living System, created, animated, and sustained by, in, and through God.

Soon to Come...

The sections below will be written, yet they have essentially already been written. One filled with the Spirit and Knowledge can read the headings and understand what they will eventually say.

11. Complex Systems and Emergence

12. The Reaccretion of Manifest Spirit and Consciousness in Reality

13. The Reemergence of Conscious Agency & Free Will

14. The Role of Conscious Agents in Reality

15. Closing the Loop - Self-Realization, Return and Co-Creation with God

16. Interexistence as One Body

17. The Limits of SpatioTemporal Observation, the Conceptually Infinite Array of Observable Universes, and the Illusion of Centrality

24. Radiation and Gravitation From Beyond the Observable Universe

25. Beyond SpaceTime, Beginnings, and Ends

26. The Knowledge and Realm of God

27. When the Knowledge of God Covers the Earth Like Floodwaters

28. The New Covenant

29. Absolute and Unconditional Love

30. Beyond Suffering By Sacrifice

31. Continuous Improvement and Evolution - Towards a Heaven On Earth That Continues to Get a Little Better Every Day

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