In the Lionsberg System, "Depth" refers to the amount of other things that depend on a particular level of abstraction or aspect of Reality. The concept of Depth is used to illuminate the interdependence of all things, and to emphasize the importance of recognizing the underlying Unity of Reality.

At its core, the concept of "depth" is based on the idea that all things in the world are interconnected and interdependent, and that any particular thing can only be understood in relation to all the other things that it depends on. By recognizing the depth of our understanding and our awareness of the world, we can better appreciate the complexity and richness of reality, and work towards a more integrated and harmonious way of being.

In the Lionsberg System, "depth" is closely related to the concept of Deepest, which refers to the One most fundamental and underlying aspect of Reality that all other levels of abstraction depend on. The idea of "deepest" highlights the fundamental interdependence of all things, and provides a useful framework for understanding the underlying unity of reality.