11.20 Potential Relative to the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals

We say Relative Potential because Potential must be defined relative to both other Potentials and The Goal.

The previous lens was highly conceptual. This lens is highly Pragmatic.

That Which Has The Highest Quality, Value, and Worth is That Which Most Helps Us Accomplish Our Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals.

To a thirsty soul wandering in the desert, a diamond is worthless. All the gold and silver in the world do not compare in value to the water of life when one is dying of thirst.

The value and worth of things is directly related to their pragmatic usefulness in helping us accomplish our Goal. Pragmatic usefulness in accomplishing a Goal can be understood in terms of the Affordances of Tools and Anti-Tools.

Yet any one specific Good thing would be far less useful than the eternally regenerative Source that could produce the Total Nested Hierarchy of All Good Things.

The most good and useful thing would be an inexhaustible source of all that is Good and useful.

That which is most good and valuable is the Spirit from which Goodness and Value arise. The Generative Source of Goodness and Value.

Along the way therefore, humanity invented the notion that among the most valuable thing you could possibly find is a genie, bound in a bottle, which is your slave and must do whatever you say, which will grant you whatever good and valuable thing you desire, whenever you desire it.

And yet we know from the archetypical stories how it would play out if each individual human made selfish petitions to the spirit of the things they think they want.

Billions of people, driven by local and temporal craving and fear, simultaneously granted the power to manifest the fullness of selfish desire simultaneously, is a world of chaos and suffering for all.

Therefore we must ask ourselves, "What is the One Prayer or Wish, that if billions of people simultaneously wished it and it was granted, would cause the Ideal world we believe is possible and long for to in-break and become our reality?"

There is only One Answer, which is (something like) "Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, on Earth as it is in Heaven." The Prayer of our existence must only be for the Highest Intention and Greatest Good to in-break and become our Reality, for the benefit of One and All.

To realize Heaven On Earth, everyone would have to wish for the highest intention and greatest good of which they could conceive, for All Generations of Life across all Time and Space.

To realize Heaven On Earth, everyone would have to pray for Heaven On Earth.

In other words, they would have to wish for the Meta Goal to become Reality.

When the Knowledge of God, and therefore conformance to the Will and Intention of God, Covers The Earth Like Floodwaters, the Kingdom of God is at hand.

While we cannot grasp, contain, own, or place in a bottle the Eternally Regenerative Source of all that is Good, Beautiful, and True, we can come into Right Relationship with It, and thereby become co-creative conduits through which this Meta Prayer Inbreaks and becomes our reality.

On the Meta Quest towards the Meta Goal, the best partner we could ever hope for, the Source of the Quest, extends Its hand and invites us into co-creative right relationship.

What could possibly be more good, useful, and worthy to us as we navigate towards The Goal, than the loving hand of partnership offered to us by the Source and Sustainer of the universe?

We cannot reduce it to a book, a religion, a temple, or a bottle….

But we can live, and move, and breathe, and have our very being in and through One as we advance with All the River of Life flowing from the Source towards The Goal.

And so it turns out that we return to the great metaphysical unity.

1.    What has the highest quality and worth is that which most closely conforms to the Ideal.

2.     What has the highest quality and worth is that which most helps us accomplish our goal.

The Ideal, The Goal, and that which most helps us accomplish Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals are One.

All things are less valuable than the God that creates, sustains, and unifies All things.

Just as before, Potential relative to the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals might be broken down into a Total Nested Hierarchy of Tools, whose Value depends upon:

  1. Depth or Height in the Total Nested Hierarchy of Abstraction
  2. Conformance To The Ideal in the Categories it inhabits
  3. Relative Potential

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