In the Lionsberg System, One is used as a Word Tool to point to the same Ultimate Reality that English word tools such as God, Source, Absolute, Creator, Holy One, etc. point to.

It refers to the One thing from, through, and to which All other things arise and return.

Rather than adopt any existing concretization of the Absolute, the Lionsberg System intentionally leaves this in the Abstract so that it stays transcendent of all human ideology, and so that people from many different perspectives and systems of belief can relate to it and wrestle with it eternally.

By putting our Selves in service of One and All, we are compelled to align our Aim with the Highest Intention and Greatest Good of which we can presently conceive.

WARNING: Do not attempt to Concretize The Absolute or the System will fail! In religious terms, reducing Ultimate Reality to a human-made set of forms or propositions is akin to Idolatry.

In the Old World humanity devolved into ridiculous debates and warfare over whose god was The One. In the New World we can see that this is ridiculous, and that we All flow from One eternal and universal Source, which in English we call God.

By placing our Selves in service of One and All, we place our Selves in service of the One Thing that unites us All, and we Help One Another progress towards Unity and Wholeness through Love.

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