8.46 The Co-Opting Of Christianity

What proceeded from the empire of Rome after they murdered Jesus was pure scandal.

The theft of the life of one who truly Embodied the eternal Spirit and Mind of the One that is Love

The theft of the Jewish culture and tradition that, like Israel, wrestled with the One

The theft and burnings of the writings, books, possessions, and lives of all those who had a different understanding of the Way of which Jesus spoke…

The warping and twisting of the words spoken by a Pure heart who was Love...

To instead rape, abuse, subjugate, dominate, purge, and destroy…

...must surely be the greatest scandal and heist in human history.

Humanity will never know the totality of how the empire of Rome raped, pillaged, and destroyed the words of Jesus, and weaponized them to threaten, rape, pillage, and destroy people around the world. Their legacy is still rising up in the form of the bodies of indigenous children abused, killed, and buried in the yards of false churches and reform schools in North America. There are more examples rising daily from around the world. Their legacy is still rising up in the endless stream of innocent children beaten, raped, and spiritually, physically, and mentally abused around the world, over centuries and continuing right down to today.

Threatening children and adults with eternal conscious torment if they do not submit to your empire, religion, and ideology is surely the depths of abusive evil.

If Jesus was the embodied Ideal, the Most Faithful Prototype of the One, the institutionalized religion and legacy of empire that co-opted his life and message has far too often acted out the Anti-Ideal.

Yet the message is so simple. The message is always One. Return to the heart, to the will, to the intention, to the Spirit of the One.

Those who live out this highest Way, are living out the Way of Jesus, which was to strive to do / embody / live out the Will and Intention of the Spirit of God that is present and crying out within us All.

It manifests through us as Absolute And Unconditional Love for One and All.

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