4.10 Measuring Against Who And Where We Were

When Where We Are Going and Who We Are Becoming is lifted up such a lofty place, to the One Absolute highest place, and we stand in Awe and Fear of Its immensity...

...we must discover the Way to avoid being crushed by it.

The Way to avoid being crushed by the Source of the Universe is to bring our Selves as close to it as we possibly can, while measuring our Selves not against its Absolute Perfection, but against Who And Where We Were.

What counts, both spiritually and physiologically, is not that we ever achieve The Goal.

What counts is that we can experience our Selves making Progress towards it.

And Progress is experienced not relative to The Goal that lies beyond our ability to even conceive of It, but relative to Where We Used To Be and Who We Used To Be.

We can't even Comprehend the One... but we certainly know Who and Where Used To Be, and the farther we progress FROM that Old State and Place of Being, TOWARDS the New and higher State and Place of Being, the more positive emotion and enthusiasm we experience.

It is a cycle that exponentially accelerates as it spirals us up towards the heights of Heaven, right here on Earth.

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