4.9 Raising The Standard To The Highest One

When we truly begin to raise up the Standard towards the Highest and Only One, we discover that the Object of Absolute and Unconditional Love and Perfection is also a terrifying Judge.

It is a sensation of Absolute Awe.

Face to face with the terrifying Ideal of the One, we have two choices:

  1. Attempt to tear down the Standard / Ideal to bring it closer to Where We Are and Who We Are
  2. Attempt to rise up towards the Standard / Ideal of Where We Are Going and Who We Are Becoming

There is only One Wise Right answer, which is to rise up towards the One Standard / Ideal / Meta Goal.

And when we commit to doing so, we discover something absolutely phenomenal.

One begins to Help us rise, because One is Absolute And Unconditional Love, and desperately longs for us to rise up towards Union with It.

In fact, we discover that this is the entire Purpose of Life.

To elevate and transform our Selves towards Perfect Unity with One and All.

And all the Forces of Good in the universe stand ready to help us towards that One Most Worthy Aim.

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