FAQ - What Makes You Think This Will Help And Not Harm?

Recognizing that the most significant crisis and opportunity in history is at hand, the question is how we should be and act in the face of that reality.

Doing nothing is likely the most risky / harmful course of action.

Hoping that the existing organizations and institutions will suddenly reform themselves, come back to life, and coordinate themselves in service of One and All is not realistic.

Top down / overly centralized / authoritarian solutions are highly likely to fail, or devolve into extended authoritarian control.

Our Current Best Understanding is that connecting, equipping, and empowering a distributed global array of sovereign, autonomous small groups is the only potential solution powerful enough that it might work.

It also appears the least likely to cause harm, by encouraging each Self Governing individual and locality to think clearly, independently, and truthfully for them selves, based on the best cumulative wisdom and knowledge we can collectively gather up and present.

It might be that a global network of enlightened and empowered individuals and small groups will determine to use their newfound power to tear down society, the Living System, and One Another - but we have to take that chance, and trust that humanity will not decide to consciously pursue the hell of Mutually Assured Destruction.

This is why everything is lead with Philosophy and Universal Goals and Values.

Articulated Patterns of Life / Patterns of Success help guide the way.

Articulated Patterns of Death / Patterns of Failure help us avoid the pits and snares that mark the way.

And humility reminds us that We Do Not Know, and we are searching out Wisdom and Truth and trying to get A Little Better Every Day.

We are avoiding some of the known methods that harm / fail by:

  1. Avoiding over-centralization by protecting the sovereignty and autonomy of each individual and group
  2. Making progress through voluntary collaboration among sovereign and autonomous agents reflective of their Current Best Understanding, rather than top down command and control
  3. Building shared infrastructure and services to meet needs and solve problems that are shared by All
  4. Treating each and every individual as if they were uniquely created in the image of God, loved by God, and therefore equal before God and One Another in rights and responsibilities.
  5. Building the System and Community as if it had to optimize for All over the course of millennia, vs. one provincial group over the short term.
  6. Building the System and Community based on sovereignty and interoperability among a diverse multitude of perspectives and solutions.
  7. Continuously improving our Current Best Understanding via a Prototype, and the shared infrastructure and services required to localize, adapt, and deploy that prototype to millions of localities.
  8. Rooting the movement in individual agency and responsibility, rather than dependency on external forces.
  9. Doing our best to articulate and honor the timeless Wisdom, Principles, and Values that cause people, societies, and life to flourish in harmony.
  10. Doing our best to articulate and honor the Patterns of Success / Life that lead towards flourishing, and avoid the Patterns of Failure / Death that lead towards suffering.
  11. Working to strengthen and empower the individual and local.
  12. Working to build the shared infrastructure and solutions that no individual or locality can possess or create in isolation.

Most of all, we are attempting to thoughtfully articulate a Way of Being that is as wise, as competent, and as good as we possibly can, and to ensure that we Become A Little Better Every Day as we advance towards the Goal, by Helping All Do The Same.

We are doing our best in service to accomplish the Meta Goal in service of One and All, and we believe that is the safest, most helpful, and most powerful paradigm through which we could perceive and act in this moment in history.

By empowering a global community to voluntarily coordinate resources and energy in service of the Highest Intention and Greatest Good we can conceive of, the possibility of solving the Meta Crisis and accomplishing the Meta Goal comes into reality.

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