Current Best Understanding

Knowledge in the Lionsberg System is organized through the lens of a Meta Science that reflects our Current Best Understanding, with the humble acknowledgement that it is partial and incomplete at best.

"Current Best Understanding" refers to the most accurate and comprehensive understanding of a particular topic or issue based on the available evidence, knowledge, and experiences at a given point in time. It is a dynamic and evolving understanding that can change as new information is gathered, or as existing information is re-evaluated in light of new perspectives or experiences. This concept emphasizes the importance of continuous learning, critical thinking, and adaptability in our pursuit of knowledge.

This element of the System is critical for two reasons:

First, because it prevents any of the conflicting stories, narratives, and understandings of the Old World from being imported into the System as if they were Absolute.

Second, because by admitting We Do Not Know we simultaneously create the space and freedom for each individual to genuinely express and grapple with their Current Best Understanding in a safe and supportive environment.

See also We Do Not Know and Hypothesize

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