Above The Chaos, Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom

Information exists and has actual Mass-Energy.

Information is what Differentiates and orders the Field of Potential.

Information instructs the Field how to Manifest, and reflects how it is Manifesting.

Information is Superordinate to Data.

Knowledge is Superordinate to Information.

Knowledge relates to the Information, skill, and familiarity gained through experience or association with something.

It is associated with the the total body of Intelligible Principles and Information gained through experience.

Knowledge is organized by Science into Hypotheses that reflect our Current Best Understanding for testing and falsification.

Understanding is Superordinate to Knowledge.

Understanding relates to the grasp of the meaning, reason, or logic behind what is Known. The ability to Comprehend not only What Is, but How and Why it is. The ability to grasp the Nature or significance of something.

Many are drowning in Information. Some Know. Few Understand. Very few are Wise.

Wisdom is Superordinate to Knowledge.

Wisdom is the ability to perceive, think, speak, be, and do from the Highest Perspective, which is Absolute / One.

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