Lionsberg Plans and Specifications

The Lionsberg Wiki Books and the Lionsberg Wiki as a whole provide a detailed conceptual overview of the Lionsberg System and the New World it aims to bring into Reality.

Because humanity has not yet Embodied this kind of Higher Order Functional Unity, our shared Quest is an ongoing act of Co-Creation, and will remain so throughout the New Millennium and Eternally Beyond.

The Lionsberg System is purpose-built to Progressively Realize and "pull" the Creator's Intent into Reality by connecting, equipping, and empowering Individuals, Groups, and Localities to do so together while Passing The Flame to The Rising Generations.

Part of this effort requires the Progressive Articulation and Continuous Improvement of more detailed Plans and Specifications as We discover and Co-Create the Pattern Language of the New World.

We intend to do that here.

Recognizing that We Do Not Know precisely the optimal Way to Collaborate as One, The 7 Year Window of Preparatory Work and Learning aimed to co-create The Conditions and build the core systems and infrastructure to enable The Body to emerge, self-organize, and Co-Create ItSelf during the 10 Year Grand Strategy.

The Emergence began March 1, 2024, and is being monitored via the Lionsberg Cycles of Growth.

A Humble Attempt to Ever More Faithfully Reflect the Divine Ideal

The Divine Blueprints

That which We call Lionsberg is only an attempt to represent the Ultimately Ineffable Creator's Intent and corresponding Divine Blueprints for how the Universe, and Earth as one Domain therein, is intended to function.

Progressive Articulation and Continuous Improvement

The Lionsberg Blueprints, and the Lionsberg System purpose-built to pull them into Reality, are being incarnated through a process of Progressive Articulation, Progressive Realization, and Continuous Improvement.

Like a set of Plans and Specifications on a design-build project, they should continually be improved to reflect the Creator's Intent more clearly throughout the course of the Meta Project in response to the questions, needs, and ideas of the Co-Creators, and continuously updated until the Project is complete, at which time they will represent the As Built state.

Because the Meta Project is Universal and Eternal in scope, this set of Plans and Specifications should be continually updated and improved to ever more faithfully represent the Current Best Understanding of each subsequent generation of What Is (the current state, forces, and conditions), in contradistinction to what What Should Be (the Creator's Intent), while illuminating the Roadmap and Milestones that mark the Way towards The Goal.

The Progressive Removal of Residual Error

Because the Creator's Intent for What Should Be is exceedingly and abundantly Beyond all we could ask or imagine, and because humanity is fundamentally incapable of fully comprehending Reality or Ultimate Reality, these plans and specifications will eternally be beset by Residual Error.

Lionsberg is merely an Icon pointing towards the Creator's Intent and the corresponding Divine Blueprints, which are them Selves Ultimately Ineffable. This understanding is key to upholding the Value of Humility, and avoiding the Sin of Idolatry.

Like Gold Refined Seven Times, every aspect of our lives, our world, and these Plans and Specifications should continually be exposed to the Refining Fire and Light, and all that is not Perfect improved.

Every Defect Is A Gift

Understanding the fundamental ignorance and insufficiency of our current State of Being, and yet fixing out eyes on The Goal and striving to Embody And Enact The Ideal, we are liberated to transform our relationship to the Residual Error we will continually encounter.

Rather than needing to defend the Current State, we can celebrate the Eternal Process of refining the Current State to more fully reflect The Ideal.

From this standpoint, Every Defect Is A Gift, as the systematic discovery and remediation of each Defect illuminates our Way towards The Goal.

1. General Conditions

1.1 Purpose, Vision, Mission and Scope

The Goal - The total integrated wellbeing, development, and right relationship of all generations of life and consciousness.

The Mission - Awakening, inspiring and moving the entire human population FROM the Old TO the New: 1. Reuniting the Force For Good 2. Confronting and overcoming the grand challenges 3. Accomplishing the global goals 4. Co-Creating the New.

The Vision - A totally regenerated, renewed, and coherent world.

Scope - Phase I: Worksite Earth. Phase II: Universal and Eternal

1.2 Principles and Values

Guiding principles rooted in Truth, Love, Justice, Stewardship and Wisdom, aligning with universal and eternal values.

More fully reflected in the The Lionsberg System of Values.

1.3 Introduction - The Lionsberg Wiki Books

The Lionsberg Meta Project and the Context into which it was incarnated has been articulated in numerous Lionsberg Wiki Books, such as:

  1. Pass The Flame - Illuminating the Way Beyond the Meta Crisis
  2. The Lionsberg Blueprint - Manifesto For Worksite Earth 2.0
  3. Beyond The Meta Crisis - A Blueprint for a Better Future
  4. Most People Have No Idea What Is Coming

In summary, the Purpose of the Meta Project is to Progressively Realize the Creator's Intent for Worksite Earth.

In the face of the Meta Crisis, it aims to accomplish The Transformation from What Is to What Should Be and the Regeneration of Earth within a single generation, targeting a 10 Year Grand Strategy followed by a 20 Year Generational Contingency.

1.4 Definitions and Terms - The Lionsberg Lexicon

To facilitate clarity and universal understanding, key Word Tools / Terms should be defined and Progressively Articulated via the Lionsberg Lexicon.

1.5 Transcendent Linguistic Integration

The Lionsberg System has gone to great effort to Abstract Out the Golden Thread of Wisdom, Truth, and Knowledge from the warring systems that sought to contain and monopolize them in the past, and to place them in The Commons.

Existing in The Commons, this Wisdom, Truth, and Knowledge is the Collective Inheritance of All Humanity, and All Creation it serves.

Justice requires establishing Equal Access and Equal Opportunity for All to The Commons.

This mandate contains within itself the requirement to undertake one of the largest and most rapid Translation projects in human history.

The existence of Wisdom, Truth, and Knowledge across all cultures and languages of the Earth requires the initiation of an ongoing process of Transcendent Linguistic Integration to enable human and AI based Interoperability among the 7,000+ vital languages spoken around the Earth.

While the vast majority of the Word Tools used in the Lionsberg System may be adequately translated by AI or other tools, special attention should be paid to carefully establish interoperability among all Word Tools in the Lionsberg Lexicon across all native languages.

A brief history and context:

Before writing existed, oral storytelling was the only generally available means to convey Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom.

Writing first developed with pictographic symbology, before the demands associated with the trading activities of the Phoenicians led to the invention of Phonetic spelling by the 11th century B.C., in which symbols and sounds are directly related.

The first large scale translation project in history related to the Jewish scriptures, when 70 linguists were commissioned to translate the Hebrew scriptures to the Greek in the third century B.C. This text is known as “The Septuagint,” meaning “seventy” in Greek.

Another significant milestone occurred when the Rosetta Stone was carved in 196 B.C., eventually enabling modern scholars to translate Egyptian hieroglyphics.

As the tools of writing progressed from stone and chisels, to clay and stylus, to ink and leaves, to ink and paper, to printing presses (15th century), to typewriters (19th century), to computers (20th century), to artificial intelligence and robotics (21st century), the ability to transmit Semantic Content within a language and Beyond its Boundaries transformed.

Dictionaries and Lexicons emerged to trace the origins, meanings, pronunciations, and translations of Word Tools as they emerged.

By 2033, the process of establishing universal interoperability among the world's languages and translating significant texts should be largely complete.

Coupled with AI, this marks an unimaginably significant moment in human history, that contains within itself the potential for another moment in The Story like The Story of the Tower of Babel, or alternatively, The Unveiling of an entirely New Era of human collaboration, harmony, and coherence in service of the Creator and All Creation.

The most relevant repositories of translational experience may be found in:

  • The IllumiNations effort to make a significant portion of the Biblical corpus available in each of 7,000+ vital languages by 2033.
  • The official Wikipedia projects in 300+ languages.

1.6 General Requirements

Administrative and procedural requirements for the Project



Minimum Standards of Interoperability

Program Management / Mission Control

Transparency and Accountability

The Lionsberg System

2. Special Conditions

  • Site-Specific Requirements: Conditions unique to the project site
  • Safety Requirements: Safety protocols and requirements co-creators and the public.
  • Regulatory Requirements: Compliance with local, state, national, and international regulations.

3. Conceptual Framework

The poly-centric localization and adaptation of shared wisdom, knowledge, and solutions via a New Pattern Language.

4. Shared Services, Infrastructure, and Support

5. Plans and Drawings

5.1 Existing Conditions

5.2 Future Conditions

6. Technical Specifications

6.1 Technical Specifications

6.2 Quality Standards and Workmanship

6.3 Quality Assurance, Testing, and Inspection

7. Proposals and Agreements

7.1 Instructions for Proposals

7.2 The Field of Agreements

8. Environmental Considerations

8.1 Regenerativity

8.2 Living Systems Data

8.3. Regenerative Underwriting and Resourcing Criteria

8.4 Guidelines For Regenerativity

9. Strategy and Plan

9.1 Strategy

9.2 Work Breakdown Structure

9.3 Planning Process

9.4 Phases and Milestones

10. Program Management and Administration

10.1 Schedule - Timeline for Phases and Milestones

10.2 Budget - Sources and Uses of Resources

10.3 Communications System and Plan

10.4 Contingency Management