Lionsberg is a mythical name for the New World we are designing and building, and the System purpose-built to bring it into Reality.

The guiding philosophy of Lionsberg is expressed concretely through a community, system, platform and gamified experience purpose-built to help humanity design and build a flourishing and abundant world that works for all its inhabitants without exception.

The Spirit and Logos of Lionsberg is expressed through a Pattern Language that can be easily understood and adapted by individuals, organizations, tribes and nations around the world.

It is also expressed in the form of a Mythical Story about a group of people who, at the most critical inflection point in human history, arose and united to confront and overcome the grand challenges, and Co-Create The New World.

It 8 billion people decide to Enact the Story of Lionsberg, the New World is already at hand, and getting A Little Better Every Day because All will be Working Together To Make It So.


Lionsberg is... a mission and values driven Community working together to Co-Create the Best Possible Future for All.

Lionsberg is... a Mythical Name for the New World we are Co-Creating.

Lionsberg is... An Ark purpose-built to carry us All, FROM the Old TO the New


Intention / Aim / Goal

The Aim of Lionsberg is at the Highest Intention and Greatest Good for All.

The Aim is the Meta Goal.


The Spirit of Lionsberg is Absolute And Unconditional Love for One and All.

Its Spirit is Truth and Love.


Our overarching and uniting Mission is to Progressively Realize The Goal.


The Mission unfolds like a Quest towards the Most Worthy Goal.

This allows each Individual And Local element to Choose An Aim and embark on individual and local Quests that stack up and align across The Movement that is advancing together towards The Goal.


  • Servant of All
  • Elevate, Equip, and Empower Others
  • Truthful
  • Loving
  • Just
  • Kind
  • Good
  • Faithful
  • Wise

Lionsberg System

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