0.4 Lionsberg

For various pragmatic reasons, it was necessary during the Genesis of this Program of Action to create a mythical Identity for the Community, System, and Structure that would be required to co-create the New World.

After considering thousands of alternatives, the mythical name Lionsberg was selected.

Stakeholders and Governance

Like the Meta Project and like Worksite: Earth itself, no one owns Lionsberg. It exists purely on the basis of Governance, Culture, Process, and Voluntary Collaboration for the Good of All.

The core systems and infrastructure we will need to forge succeed in the Meta Project will likely become the core systems and infrastructure of the New World.

If we accomplish the Designer's Intent, we will end up creating an entirely New Successor System that will serve and empower all generations to come in an entirely regenerating and New World that will belong to All, equally and without exception.

Empowering Individual and Local Progress Towards Shared Global Goals

The basic formula is to build a system of systems that empowers individuals and groups around the world to accelerate coordinated local progress towards our overarching and uniting global imperatives.

Inspiring a Global Community to Design and Build Itself, So That Together We Can Design and Build a Better World

Designing and building a better future requires first inspiring a global community to design and build itself, and the shared resources, infrastructure, and technology that make that possible.

Elements of the System

If we imagine a global community designing and building itself as it works together to design and build a better world, we understand that the combined effort will be historic in nature in a far larger than most existing countries.

As a result, we will need to imagine, design, and build for the Community a system of systems that addressing every element that any community or nation would need to address.

This requires us to think about the entire set of all dimmensions, including social, governance, economic, technological, and spiritual architecture.

Meeting the Needs and Solving the Problems Inherent in Every Individual, Organization, and Community

The System can be built from the bottom up, in service of All, by listening to issues and needs expressed, and developing the basic solutions required to meet the needs and solve the problems inherent in every Individual, Organization, and Community of Life.

This leads to an integrated and coherent Community and System in which all things are helping one another rise towards the fullness of their potential and flourish in harmony.