Meta Project

The Universal and Eternal program of action to accomplish our highest overarching and uniting Meta Goal.

The word Meta as it is used in the Lionsberg System is meant to point to the eternal, universal, ultimate, self-referential, highest order, most transcendent conception of an idea.

Therefore Meta Project is the highest universal overarching and uniting "project of projects", that by definition contains within itself and orders all other possible projects.

The idea of the Meta Project is critical because it provides a framework in which to stack up and align our individual projects, with the various projects we participate in, with the universal Meta Project that is big enough to unite us All.

All of our activity, whether we acknowledge it or not, is part of the total program of human activity. The question is how consciously and competently we are participating in it, individually and collectively.

Specifically, the Meta Project could be conceptualized as the total program of action required to:

  1. Solve the Grand Challenges
  2. Accomplish the Global Goals
  3. Forge the Best Possible Future for All

The Lionsberg | Meta Project is unique in that it specifically creates a place and forum where we can focus on the Whole / Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals.

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