11.42 The Meta Project

There is an infinite storehouse of potential projects and initiatives we could undertake. Many of them are good. Yet Activity is not Success. Throughput of The Goal is Success.

The Goal is not to succeed on a project. The Goal is to succeed across the Total Nested Hierarchy of all possible projects. The Meta Goal is to succeed in the universal and eternal Meta Project, which encompasses the Total Nested Hierarchy of Projects we could choose to undertake.

The Goal of the Meta Project is simple - to Progressively Realize the Creator's Intent.

No excuses, no technicalities, no exclusions, and no fine print.

It demands confronting and overcoming the Total Nested Hierarchy of Threats, and the Total Nested Hierarchy of Obstacles we will face along the Way.

The idea is to take the Principles and Concepts, which are clear, and Operationalize them into a coordinated global plan of action to liberate our planet and co-create a better world for all its current and future inhabitants.

If The Goal is something like:

The total integrated wellbeing, development, and right relationship of all generations of life and consciousness…

Then the Meta Project is our collective co-creative effort to make that happen; to confront and overcome the most fearsome Challenges and Obstacles that stand in our Way and forge the New World out of their ashes.

Why build or deconstruct a roadway? Why build or deconstruct a dam? Why build or deconstruct a community? Why build or deconstruct a nation? Why build or deconstruct a technology?

We build if something suitable and needed for the life to flourish is missing. We Fill Up What Is Lacking.

We deconstruct if something unnecessary and harmful exists. We Remove What Doesn't Belong.

And whenever possible, before we destroy we elevate and transform.

In the reality of unified Interexistence, the only true way to succeed is to succeed across the set of all potential projects across all generations of life across all dimensions of Space and Time.

Success in this Meta Project requires that we forge a Higher Order Functional Unity that integrates all underlying energy, resources, and activity into a system capable of meeting the needs and solving the problems inherent in every community of life.

When every individual, family, bioregion, and community of life is being elevated and transformed towards the fullness of its unique potential…

And when all conscious beings understand the power and potential of co-creation in Divine Partnership with God, One Another, and All Creation...

...the world will become More Perfect every day as All generations of life and consciousness labor together in harmony to make it so.

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