11.43 Pragmatic Application, Not Esoteric Notions

The Love, Authority, and Intention of the Creative One are not esoteric notions living in old books and crumbling institutions.

They are Divine Aspects of the living and present Ultimate Reality of the universe.

These are not esoteric notions that live in the minds of philosophers.

They are the blueprints of a better world; an invitation to the most meaningful and adventurous Quest we could ever embark on; the keys to the heavenly city.

They are meant to be operationalized and applied.

When we move in this Way, we naturally become Conscious Agents of transformational power.

We find ourselves naturally righting wrongs, removing structures of injustice, creating new structures of Justice, moving mountains, raising valleys, and bringing our families, our communities, and our world into harmony with the Will, Intention, and Way of the One.

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