In the Lionsberg System, Love is used as a Word Tool to point towards the Ineffable, Ultimate, Absolute, Highest Unconditional relationship between two things.

This Value impels us to seek the true, highest, and most beautiful Good for our Selves, for others, and for All Creation. Arising from the Source and Sustainer of Life, Love leads us to honor the inherent dignity and worth of all beings, and treat All Creation with honor and respect as the basis for community and Right Relationship.

It is akin to the use of Agape Love in Christian theology, or the Jewish notion of Chesed, which describe the ultimate and unconditional Love of One for All.

It is differentiated from the sexual, brotherly, or romantic loves we often associate the Word Tool with.

Beyond these, it points to a Frequency of Being that regards the One We Love with (something like) unconditional affection, Goodwill, and positive desire directed towards the fullness of their unique Potential.

Love longs for the One We Love to develop into the fullness of their Potential and flourish.

It sees in them the fullness of all they could possibly become, beyond who they presently are, and then moves beyond mere longing into powerful action to help them bring forth and manifest the fullness of that Potential.

It is passionately committed not only to the wellbeing of what is, but to the highest Potential of what could be.

It calls up. It urges on. It comes to the aid. It encourages. It hopes. It persists. It endures. It forgives. It is kind. It is merciful. It is Just. It is Good.

It gives freely of itself, expecting nothing in return. It gives without precondition.

It longs for but is not conditional upon reciprocity.

The natural response to this kind of Absolute and Unconditional Love is to reciprocate it.

Therefore, as One Loves All, so too should All strive to embody One's Love in return towards One, One Another, and All.

This is the Universal Law, and the single overarching and uniting design principle of the Lionsberg System.

Love One Another.

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