11.47 Historical Context of the Broken Paradigms

The eternal voice of wisdom calls us up towards a higher paradigm and a higher way of being. The Highest Intention and Greatest Good is clear. The Spirit and heart of Love is clear. There is a Better World we all know is possible.

There is a great movement waiting to arise and unite; the movement of all life towards a New yet Eternal Vision of themselves and the world. The movement out of slavery to the Old broken paradigms, power structures, and attendant suffering, and into the New World.

We know from our experience that human beings are able to coordinate and work together at various scales. We know that if we set our minds to something, anything is possible.

We know that the New World that would manifest from this Way of being is superior in every way to the Old World we are leaving behind.

Why then has this not happened until now?

What are the existing forces and conditions bearing on Worksite Earth?

Why is society manifesting to us in this way? What is wrong?

It all comes back to the same fundamental issues of human organization: culture, paradigms, training, coaching, and leadership, and on a deeper level, to the Spiritual War.

In recently history, there has been a great deal of leadership exerted and energy spent in paradigm building, training, and coaching in two divergent directions:

1)    Secular, and 2) Religious

In nearly all cases, these systems of education train people how to be good capitalists or communists, Muslims or Christian, et al. Instead of placing the Creator at the center and training human beings how to work together in service of the Highest Intention and Greatest Good, they indoctrinate human beings into narrow ideologies that immediately separate and set them in competition and conflict with the other incompatible ideologies.

What has been missing is the systematic leadership, paradigm shift, training, and coaching in the third and higher paradigm, which is not secular or religious, but Spiritual.

The New Covenant can only be mediated by Spirit, specifically, the Spirit of God.

In our awareness, this has never been done in the history of humankind at large and coordinated scale.

In history we have seen leaders and institutions arise for primarily selfish and provincial reasons.

The first paradigm encompasses the leaders and institutions who push for secular development devoid of spirituality, purpose, and meaning. Capitalism, Communism, Fascism, and all other isms stripped of the awareness of a higher intention and greater good for all life push individual and / or state interest. The expectation is that either the invisible hand of the market, or powerful hand of the state, will guide us towards prosperity.

We can now see, without a shadow of a doubt, how abjectly foolish and flawed these grave miscalculations are, with hundreds of millions of human corpses lined up as proof.

Both of these paradigms, stripped of spiritual and moral order and responsibility, indoctrinate people to follow a paradigm of scarcity, division, and competition in search of an Ideal that is fundamentally incompatible with those means. They lead to stripping and exploiting mother nature and fellow humanity of their resources and regenerative capacity. They offer a comprehensible paradigm, coupled with educational and training processes that teach people how to do this extraordinarily efficiently. We have business schools, mining schools, financial schools, schools of science and technology, schools of the communist parties, all strengthening and equipping people to more effectively progress in service of Ends that are antithetical to The Goal, by using Means that are antithetical to The Goal.

The result is the generation of generations of very capable, well-trained, and well-equipped people sent out to exploit one another, rip one another off, lie to one another, and weaponize technology in service of whatever state, corporation, or religion they subordinate themselves to.

In the process, they burn up the planet’s regenerative capacity with a level of trained excellence that is reaching an extremely high level of technical skill.

It is not a recipe for success to train one another to be exceptionally effective in stripping one another and nature of the regenerative capacities required to ensure the flourishing and abundance of life.

Our present context is a non-sensical race towards universally assured destruction. We are getting really good at accelerating this race to destruction, and we are improving in our efficiency every day.

Second and equally destructive is the paradigms of secular development is paradigm of divisive religious and ideological development.

The unfortunate reality is that for must of history, the paradigm of religion has not actually been about spirituality or about right relationship with the Creator, One Another, and All Creation, but rather about institutional religion and control, often in unholy alliance with political power structures.

Nearly every institutionalized religion has gone down the same pathway of destruction, taking the original prophetic messages, institutionalizing and corrupting them, and turning them into competing and irreconcilable dogmatic ideologies that by definition cannot be simultaneously True.

Once living Truth has been institutionalized and corrupted, the institutions then provide massive global systems of schools and hierarchical leaders who are focused on institutional power and survival, while the people they are supposed to serve are suffering and abused. These systems far too often are not genuinely focused on the true integral development and liberation of the individual and collective soul, but on the formation of people into “good members” of their particular religious or denominational ideology.

Of the 12 million new human spirits entering the world this month, how many will be truly taught to discern and navigate towards Truth and Potential by the Spirit of God? And how many will be manipulated,  taught to fear, and brainwashed into pledging their primary allegiance to national and religious identities that will fundamentally divide and separate them from a significant percentage of the rest of the monthly cohort? It is sickening and deeply disturbing to ponder the depth of this evil.

The “leaders” are currently focusing with ruthless efficiency and propaganda to impose, educate, and train humanity in the wrong paradigms, because they want to control people for their own benefit. Corrupt power depends on the poverty and injustice that prevails in the Old World.

Let us examine the fruit and trajectory of that logic. While technology has indeed led to our ability to overcome some of the existential threats that dominated life centuries ago, in aggregate the results have been entirely unsustainable and unjust for the earth and the vast majority of its inhabitants. A tremendous amount of energy and resources have been sunk into these broken paradigms, which have produced war, devastation, plagues, violence, and injustice that has killed hundreds of millions, and afflicted billions.

Both the religious and secular paradigms are equally to blame.

These broken paradigms, leadership, and training are what have been the dominant forces guiding humanity over recent centuries. And they have been disturbingly complicit, collusive and interconnected in their perpetuation of the systems of injustice and exploitation that both paradigms depend on for their survival.

Against this backdrop, a New Covenant mediated not by secular or religious ideology, but by the Spirit of God is required if we are to avoid catastrophic failure and achieve success on our Quest towards Destiny.

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