11.48 What Has Been Missing

What has not yet happened, what has been missing in the past, is the emergence of the truly independent-yet-united global grassroots community of sovereign communities which is not focused on the broken paradigms of secularism or religion, but the higher paradigm of true spirituality and direct right relationships with God, One Another, and All Creation.

When we embrace this Higher Paradigm and recognize our True Identity in direct relationship with the Creator and One Another, it changes everything. When we liberate ourselves from the all the false labels and identities we have been taught to subordinate ourselves to, and rediscover our True Identity as sons and daughters of God, and therefore brothers and sisters, and therefore free, responsible and empowered Co-Creators of a Better World, every thought and every action and the very direction and purpose of our lives takes on a new Light.

What if we could embrace this higher paradigm and realize that we are all brothers and sisters laboring side by side on the same Worksite Earth towards the Vision and Goal of fulfilling the Creator's Intent, right here On Earth As it Is In Heaven?

What if we realized that we are all inter-connected and it is actually and logically in our self interest not to compete and exploit One Another, but to help One Another discover and realize our unique potential as part of the broadest Whole?

And what if we translated this higher order paradigm into a higher order System that was actually capable of helping us meet the needs and solve the problems inherent in all life and community as we struggle together to progress towards The Goal?

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