The Goal

The Goal refers to the single highest overarching and uniting Meta Goal that by definition contains within itself and orders all other Goals.

It can be articulated in terms such as:

Creator's Intent, or

The total integrated wellbeing, development, and Right Relationship of All generations of Life and Consciousness.

It is a Vision and Aim of Perfection; the Ideal; the will and intention of the One.

At the Highest Level of Abstraction, The Goal is Ultimately God (transcendent / eternal / universal), or a few Levels of Abstraction down, the Kingdom / Will / Intention of God, manifest here on Earth as it is in Heaven (manifest / temporal / local).

We are progressing towards Heaven On Earth.

The biggest single idea to grasp in Integrated Program Delivery is there is only One overarching and uniting Goal of the System.

This One Highest Meta Goal contains within itself and orders the total nested hierarchy of all other goals and objectives implied by The Goal.

In the Lionsberg System, the highest overarching and uniting Goal is called the Meta Goal.

The Meta Goal is the One Thing that unites All.

By definition, it must be One.

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