Lionsberg History and Inception

Lionsberg Trust Manifesto

The Lionsberg Trust Manifesto describes the origin of the Source Idea for Lionsberg.

Q1 2022

State as of August 2022

As we began the third 6 week cycle in August 2022, the state was as follows:

  • The Provisional Structure was in place.
  • The Lionsberg Core Documents were in a Provisional State.
  • The Patterns of Organizing and Federating had been established.
  • A few dozen people were actively participating, and several dozen more attending, following along, and waiting.
  • Numerous partnership discussions and expansion opportunities were in play
  • The Core Infrastructure had advanced far enough to begin creating marketplace and economy
  • It was an entirely voluntary effort of good human beings, advancing in goodwill, towards The Goal
  • We were working on Value Creation, and learning to notice Value as it was being created in-stride.
  • We were beginning to formalize presentations of Value Creation - 2022.Q2 Presentation of Value Creation.
  • It felt wobbly. It felt vulnerable. It felt exciting. It felt New.
  • Some people had grown frustrated or impatient and stepped back.
  • Some people had generated new enthusiasm and stepped forward.
  • We had our first committed and blocked hours to apply to the Critical Path.
  • We were preparing to establish our first Opportunities, Offers, and Needs Marketplace.
  • We were preparing to engage our first extended Pull Planning session to see ahead into the Milestones and Critical Path.
  • We had determined the Core Teams that needed to formalized and structured.
  • We had network nodes representing hundreds of people watching and wondering.
  • It was reported that the backbone technological infrastructure we had funded was being leveraged by ~170 impact organizations in ~13 countries
  • Some of the most talented, skilled, and wise people we had ever worked with were surrounding us and investing time, energy, and attention
  • We realized that in order to have a chance to succeed, we need to move beyond the abstraction of the Meta Project into actually living it out and embodying it through Lionsberg

State as of April 2023

Q2 and Q3 2023

Published additional works, such as:

  1. Most People Have No Idea What Is Coming
  2. The Lionsberg Blueprint - Manifesto For Worksite Earth 2.0
  3. An Alternative to Apocalypse - The New Covenant
  4. The Dawn of the New World
  5. Other Lionsberg Wiki Books

Traveled to Barcelona, South Africa, and Dubai.

Ran a couple more social experiments.

Constructed broadcast capability by connecting an online recording studio out to Youtube, X, and the leading podcast platforms.

We recorded the first 4 sample episodes and launched them in September 2023 as part of the Above The Chaos series.

Wrapping Up the Old Life, and Beginning the New

In Q3 2023, as Jordan approached the statute of limitations on the civil rights and corruption claims arising from the destruction of 2019 through 2021 and prepared to weather the storms ahead, he moved his family to a new home base in the mountains of North Idaho, filed a civil rights and corruption lawsuit against the County in federal court, prepared to file bankruptcy to wrap the tens of millions of dollars of claims and counter claims from his old life in a transparent public container, and looked ahead to public broadcasting and resource raising.

What's Next

Next, we intend to begin measuring the rate at which we are able to connect up, resource and empower The Movement towards The Goal.

The simplest way to measure The Movement will be to monitor membership in Lionsberg.

Our audacious target is to connect and empower roughly 3% of the population, 267 Million people, by 2026.

We aim to progressively realize this Vision and Ideal by:

  1. Progressively discerning, articulating, and embodying the Creator's Intent for Worksite Earth
  2. Broadcasting The Message to create a field of gravitational attraction
  3. Extending The Invitation to those who resonate (Every individual receiving up to 20 invitations during The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity)
  4. Connecting, equipping, and empowering The Community of those who respond via The Lionsberg Experience and a continuously improving set of infrastructure, resources, services, and support
  5. Forging Teams around Projects / Quests
  6. Co-Creating measurable Impact / Value / Progress in service of The Goal
  7. Broadcasting Stories of Transformation to fuel the Resourcing and Engagement Flywheel and grow The Movement
  8. Ultimately moving the entire population FROM the Old TO the New within a single generation

Every individual and group that connects with Lionsberg will gain equal access to The Lionsberg Experience and the Lionsberg Commons, which will host an ecosystem of continuously improving resources, tools, services, and technologies to help participants rise towards the fullness of their potential and flourish in harmony.