9. History and Inception

The New Vision and Plan are universal and eternal in nature and reflected in prophetic and visionary traditions around the world.

The Vision of Heaven On Earth belongs to One and All.

This SpatioTemporal Incarnation was conceived by Jordan and an array of Lionsberg Co-Creators who brought together lifetimes of work to forge a vision, strategy, plan, and infrastructural and technological backbone to serve as an invitational starting point for humanity.

The Lionsberg Trust Manifesto and Lionsberg History and Inception pages provide more detail.

Jordan has been aware this moment was coming and attempting to prepare for it since as long as he can remember, verbally since 10 or 12 years old. This led to a basic ethos of taking on as much Responsibility as anyone would entrust him with, leading to a 25 year sprint that led from early entrepreneurial activity and service jobs, to building heavy civil infrastructure projects, portfolios of projects, companies that build projects, joint ventures that built projects too complex for any one company to tackle in isolation, multiple university and martial arts degrees, etc.

In ~2017, Jordan Nicholas Sukut began weekly discussions with advisors regarding attempting to Discern an Omni-Considerate and Omni-Encompassing Vision, Strategy, and Plan to meet this moment in The Story, and usher humanity safely into a New Era. The Lionsberg Summary provides links to more details and back story. We sometimes refer to this as the Meta Project, encompassing Worksite Earth as a finite domain to be comprehensively regenerated and positively transformed within a single generation.

It took a nation 10 years to land a man on the moon. As of Spring 2024, we have now entered the 10 Year Grand Strategy and have 10 years to land humanity and our planet on a safe trajectory towards a flourishing and abundant future for All.