New Vision and Plan - A Pathway to a Thriving, Regenerative Future

(2023.04.26 Draft For Review and Improvement)

Like all aspects of Lionsberg, the New Vision and Plan is a Work In Progress.

The New Vision and Plan is a holistic framework that presents a bold and captivating vision for a just, regenerative, and flourishing future for All. This roadmap addresses the Root Causes of our global challenges and offers practical guidance on catalyzing transformative change at the individual, organizational, community, national, and systemic levels.

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As we navigate the complexity of the interrelated spiritual, cultural, values, political, economic, ecological, and geopolitical crises confronting humanity, we recognize that we face an unprecedented threat. This collective understanding is deeper than the specific words articulated in Beyond The Meta Crisis - A Blueprint for a Better Future, bringing us together to address these challenges.


Beyond the precise language in Beyond The Meta Crisis - A Blueprint for a Better Future, people of goodwill share a united vision of a world that embodies flourishing, balance, and right relationships among all. In this New World, every individual, community, and ecosystem has the opportunity to realize their full potential and thrive in harmony. We often refer to this highest aspiration the Designer's Intent for Worksite Earth, Heaven On Earth, or simply The Goal.


We acknowledge that the existing systems and structures of the Old World are inadequate, corrupt, and both unwilling and unable to effectively address the Meta Crisis. As such, we require a Citizen Led solution to transform our world and co-create a brighter future for All.


Understanding that every citizen and living being on Earth has a stake in the transformation FROM the Old World TO the New World, we recognize that the Success or Failure of the Meta Project will impact every individual, community, and ecosystem on this planet, including future generations.


United by a shared set of Universal Values aligned with Truth, Love, Justice, Stewardship, and Wisdom, we commit to a voluntary, bottom-up, evolutionary solution that prioritizes individual and local dignity, responsibility, sovereignty, and autonomy, over top-down authoritarian or revolutionary approaches that will only lead to further failure and suffering.


Our strategy is to forthrightly launch a historic, Citizen Led effort to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis in all its dimensions, while simultaneously co-creating the New World.

Conceptualizing the scope of this approach requires breaking down the Meta Crisis into a Total Nested Hierarchy of Issues that can be identified, analyzed, and overcome, as well as deconstructing the New Vision and Plan into a Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals that can be progressively realized.

The strategy then calls for a transformative global movement to awaken and unite humanity, elevate consciousness, and empower citizens towards coordinated individual and local action that advances humanity towards its shared goals and values.

Our hypothesis is that Inspiration and Story serve as the most potent tip of the spear to achieve this progressive awakening and reunification.

Citizens who awaken and respond to the Story will be invited to 1) share their own unique story, and 2) connect to the Lionsberg System, Platform, and Community.

The role of the Lionsberg System, Platform, and Community is to continuously transform and improve itself in service of All Citizens. This means continuously improving the resources, benefits, infrastructure, tools, services, and technologies available to Citizens.

Recognizing our fundamental need for belonging and our ability to be and do more together than we can insolation, Citizens will be invited to forge or join Groups, which constitute the core of community life and progress.

The Lionsberg Platform has been purpose-built to empower Individuals to organize into groups, for groups and individuals to engage in time bound, measurable, and resouceable Projects.

To serve and empower this emergent decentralized Federation of Citizen Impact Groups, the strategy calls for establishing an agile Core Enterprise whose role is to connect, serve, and empower All citizens, groups, and institutions.

This will serve as a prototype of a transparent, accountable, and effective New Operating System of the New World. If properly adopted and continuously improved, it has the potential to become the operating system of the New World, empowering all to help one another progress wisely towards The Goal.

15 Key Strategy Points

With this Vision and Strategy in mind, we outline the following 15 key strategy points:

  1. Continuously improve a comprehensive and inspiring Meta Story: Craft and continuously improve a compelling, inclusive, and inspiring story that communicates our shared vision and goals, resonating with diverse audiences worldwide and enabling them to align their Individual and Local Stories with the Meta Story..

  2. Inspire and mobilize stakeholders: Ignite a sense of shared purpose, collective responsibility, and unstoppable momentum among individuals, organizations, and communities by uniting them through a compelling vision, values, and goals.

  3. Cultivate dynamic partnerships: Forge alliances and collaborations across sectors, disciplines, and borders to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, resources, and best practices, accelerating our collective impact.

  4. Identify, connect and empower local action: Identify, connect, and empower grassroots initiatives and projects that address specific aspects of the Meta Crisis, fostering resilience and driving systemic change from the ground up. Rapidly cross-pollinate wisdom, knowledge, and solutions of what is working and lessons learned across different localities around the world.

  5. Cultivate a culture of lifelong learning and development: Establish a global mentorship and learning network to facilitate skill development, knowledge sharing, and capacity building among citizens and teams. Craft and disseminate transformative educational resources that enlighten people about the root causes of global challenges and reveal the life-affirming potential of the New Vision and Plan.

  6. Develop and amplify transformative narratives: Leverage multimedia content and storytelling to raise awareness, inspire action, and showcase success stories that reflect our shared vision and values.

  7. Innovate and scale solutions: Identify, pilot, and champion groundbreaking, adaptable, and scalable solutions that can be applied across diverse contexts, effectively addressing the multifaceted challenges of the Meta Crisis and accelerating progress towards the New World.

  8. Harness technology and creativity: Tap into the power of technology, innovation, and imagination to develop and implement tools, platforms, and approaches that drive profound systemic change..

  9. Build a regenerative ecosystem / federation of groups, organizations, and institutions: Merge / Acquire / Initiate an ecosystem of citizen groups, businesses, non-profits, and institutions that can inter-exist as a multi-generational federation or commonwealth.

  10. Implement distributed and adaptive governance: Employ agile and responsive governance structures of self-governance that promote collaboration, learning, and adaptation to navigate the complex challenges of the Meta Crisis.

  11. Transform incentivizes towards regenerative practices: Co-create policy changes, market mechanisms, and cultural shifts that reward regenerative practices, encouraging and empowering individuals, organizations, and societies to prioritize the well-being of people and the planet across multiple generations.

  12. Catalyze systemic change: Influence policy and decision-making at all levels of analysis, transforming laws, regulations, and institutions to support the transition to the New World.

  13. Celebrate milestones and progress: Recognize and share achievements, breakthroughs, and success stories that demonstrate the impact and progress of our collective efforts.

  14. Monitor progress and adapt: Continuously assess the effectiveness of our initiatives, learn from our successes and failures, and adapt our strategies and tactics as needed to fulfill our vision..

  15. Persevere and never give up: Recognizing that challenges, obstacles, and setbacks are inevitable, act with courage and persistence and never give up, no matter how hopeless or dark things may temporarily appear.

By pursuing these strategic objectives, we can mobilize a global movement that overcomes the Meta Crisis, fosters unity, and propels humanity towards a just, regenerative, and flourishing future for all. Through the collective efforts of engaged and concerned Citizens worldwide, we will actualize our shared Vision and transform our world for the better.


Based on this Context, Vision, Analysis, Engagement, and Strategy, we are continuously improving a detailed and comprehensive Plan of Action as part of the New Vision and Plan.

System Wide Master Plan

At the highest level, the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System operates in service of The Goal based on a System Wide Master Plan.

The System Wide Master Plan encompasses the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals, and is unified by the Meta Goal. The Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals is further broken down into a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is organized around three high-level phases of the New Vision and Plan:

  1. Program Initiation and Implementation
  2. Overcoming the Meta Crisis and co-creating the New World
  3. Passing the Baton to Future Generations

Each of these phases is broken down into key Features of Work, each of which is being developed into their own further breakdowns.

Phase I: Initiation, Implementation, and Administration

  1. Establishment of the Core Enterprise: Set up the legal, financial, administrative, and process foundations for the Core Enterprise that will serve as the communications and mission control hub for the global movement.

  2. Recruitment and Onboarding: Identify and engage key stakeholders, thought leaders, experts, and passionate individuals from diverse sectors to form the initial Core Team, Wisdom Council, and Impact Partnerships.

  3. Communication and Collaboration Infrastructure: Design, develop, and implement effective communication and collaboration tools to facilitate efficient coordination, knowledge sharing, and decision-making among participants.

  4. Initial Funding and Resource Mobilization: Secure funding and resources to sustain the Core Enterprise, its operations, and its efforts to support and empower local and global initiatives.

  5. Launch and Public Awareness: Design and execute a high-impact, multi-platform campaign to announce the launch of the Lionsberg Meta Project and inspire engagement from individuals, organizations, and communities worldwide.

Phase II: Overcoming the Meta Crisis and Co-Creating the New World

  1. Local and Global Action: Facilitate the formation and growth of Citizen Impact Groups focused on addressing specific aspects of the Meta Crisis, fostering resilience, and driving systemic change from the ground up.

  2. Education, Training, and Capacity Building: Develop and disseminate transformative educational resources and training programs that empower individuals and groups to effectively tackle the Meta Crisis and contribute to the New World.

  3. The New World as a System of Systems, and the Prototype: Develop a Work Breakdown Structure of the New World Vision as a interexistent System of Systems. Forge exemplary components of each sub-system into a continuously improving Prototype, whose interoperable components are designed and built as a Kit of Parts that can be localized and adapted to any local context.

  4. Innovation and Scaling of Solutions: Identify, pilot, and champion groundbreaking, adaptable, and scalable solutions that can be applied across diverse contexts, effectively addressing the multifaceted challenges of the Meta Crisis and accelerating progress towards the New World.

  5. Build a Portfolio of Regenerative Businesses, Technologies, and Non-Profits: Identify and start / merge / acquire for-profit and non-profit organizations and intellectual property into a regenerative ecosystem of organizations that create meaningful and impactful opportunities and solutions for the rising generation.

  6. Policy Transformations and Systemic Change: Engage with policymakers, influencers, and decision-makers at all levels to secure transformative policy changes that support the transition to the New World, and create transparent, accountable, and aligned institutions around the world.

  7. Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning: Implement robust monitoring and evaluation systems to track progress, learn from successes and failures, and adapt the Plan of Action as needed to optimize impact.

Phase III: Passing the Baton to Future Generations

  1. Intergenerational Dialogue and Engagement: Foster open and inclusive dialogues between generations, ensuring that the voices, perspectives, and aspirations of future generations are represented and valued in decision-making processes.

  2. Legacy Building: Document and share the successes, learnings, and wisdom gained through the Lionsberg Meta Project, creating a rich legacy that can inspire and guide future generations in their quest to build a just, regenerative, and flourishing world.

  3. Continuity and Succession Planning: Develop and implement succession planning strategies to ensure that leadership, knowledge, expertise, organizations, and institutions are smoothly transferred from one generation to the next, maintaining momentum and progress towards the New World. Succession planning will inherently forge the pipeline of businesses, non-profits, and institutions that can be merged and acquired to forge the ecosystem.

  4. Ongoing Mentorship and Support: Establish a global mentorship network that connects experienced leaders and changemakers with emerging talent, fostering lifelong learning and development across generations.

  5. Celebration and Acknowledgment: Honor the contributions, achievements, and sacrifices of those who have come before us, celebrating the progress made and acknowledging the collective efforts of all involved in the Lionsberg Meta Project.

  6. Global Movement Sustenance: Ensure the ongoing sustenance of the global movement by continuously adapting strategies and approaches to address emerging challenges, leveraging new technologies, and cultivating a vibrant multigenerational community committed to the New World's vision and values, and to ongoing and reciprocal Right Relationship.

  7. Cultural Transformation: Engage in long-term efforts to shift cultural norms and values towards those that prioritize the well-being of people and the planet, fostering a global culture of compassion, cooperation, and stewardship.

  8. Integrating New Knowledge and Wisdom: Continuously incorporate new insights, knowledge, and wisdom gained from scientific discoveries, technological advancements, and cultural evolution to refine and update the New Vision and Plan, ensuring its ongoing relevance and effectiveness to all current and future generations.

  9. Resilience and Antifragility: Build resilience and antifragility into the movement, the New World, and its institutions, enabling them to adapt, learn, and grow stronger in the face of inevitable adversity and unforeseen challenges.

  10. Local and Universal Citizenship and Stewardship: Cultivate a sense of local and universal citizenship, stewardship and responsibility among people worldwide, empowering them to work together as stewards of our shared home and guardians of future generations.

By continuing to implement and improve this plan, we can mobilize a global movement that overcomes the Meta Crisis, fosters diverse unity, and propels humanity towards a just, regenerative, and flourishing future for all.

High Level CPM Planning

At the highest level, planning is accomplished by transforming the Strategy into a high level Critical Path schedule.

This guides the overall understanding of the relative importance, timing, and sequencing of each component of the Program of Action.

Quarterly 12 Week Plans

The high level CPM is used to inform the development of more detailed 12 week plans of action, which are distributed across the array of groups to inform and align the Federation of key goals, milestones, and objectives.

6 Week Look-Aheads

The quarterly plans inform rolling 6 week look-ahead schedules, which document what happened last week, what is planned for the current week, and provide a rough glimpse of the coming 4 weeks.

2 Week Plans

Teams then execute and pulse on the basis of rapidly adapting 2 week plans, that lead towards the accomplishment of the quarterly objectives, which advance the Critical Path of the System Wide Master Plan, which leads towards The Goal.

For current status and plans in more detail, see The Lionsberg Strategy and Plan of Action.

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