2.4 Why the US Presidency?

The US Presidency presents a unique and influential platform for effecting positive change and transformation on local, national, and global scale. As the servant leader of the world's most powerful nation, the US President has the unique ability to influence the course of history, leverage the might of America, and shape the direction of global affairs.

Moreover, the US President has the ability to mobilize and inspire Citizens of Goodwill around the world towards a common vision and purpose. The United States has long been a beacon of hope and freedom for people around the world, and the US President has the ability to harness this spirit and channel it towards positive change and transformation.

Additionally, the US President has access to a vast network of resources and expertise, including diplomatic channels, military and logistical capabilities, intelligence, and economic influence. This provides a unique opportunity to see into the realities unfolding across the national and international stage, collaborate with states, nations and institutions towards a shared vision and purpose, and to marshal the necessary resources and support from around the world through alliances capable of addressing the Meta Crisis and other global challenges.

The Movement also may require executive authority at the level of the United States Presidency in order to issue the vetoes at national and international levels to halt The Advance of The Giants, and thwart the plans long in the making for centralizing and consolidating power and control. Of the three structural superpowers of the world, over the next 18 months it appears that the United States is the only one that Citizens of Goodwill could meaningfully influence and leverage to meet the challenges at hand and advance towards the New Vision and Plan, as the power structures dominating Russia and China appear to be heading in an opposite collusive direction.

Lastly, I am shocked by the number of Citizens who believe that America is a hopeless cause, and that its dissolution and downfall is inevitable. Many Citizens advocate for us to simply co-create the New structures, and allow the Old structures to fail. However I do not believe that we have fully grappled with what it would mean in light of the present geopolitics for America to collapse, and for the most vicious tyrants to scramble to the top of our heaps of weapons and technologies, which contain thousands of nuclear weapons and other advanced technologies that together are capable of destroying the planet and civilization as we know it. The entire world has a vested interest in helping America rediscovering its central uniting and animating Spirit, return to right relationship with God and One Another, and move powerfully and rapidly to heal the tears in our social fabric and purge the corruption and disease from our institutions before it is too late.

I am not motivated by the prestige, power or position of the US Presidency. In fact it strikes me that there may be few less desirable and more dangerous paths to pursue over the coming 18 months. My wife and I have had to have many discussions around the probability that coming up against the entrenched power structures dominating our nation and the world as they edge closer to absolute control over humanity is very likely result in my death, and will certainly come at great risk and cost to our family. Our motivation comes from a deep impelling sense of responsibility, calling and commitment to co-creating a world that works for all beings, and an understanding that the potential for an independent leader aligned with the New Vision and Plan to win the US Presidency in 2024 may be the last best hope for the Citizens of the United States and humanity around the world to secure its future. The US Presidency presents a unique and powerful platform for empowering the positive change and transformation required at all levels scale, and generating the public mandate, resources, and capabilities required to actually confront and overcome the Meta Crisis, halt The Advance of The Giants, and equip humanity to work together to implement the New Vision and Plan.

My campaign for the US Presidency is not driven by a desire for personal gain or recognition, but rather by a commitment to take on as much responsibility as I can bear in serving the common good and working towards a more just, regenerative, and flourishing world for all beings. I am committed to bringing together Citizens of Goodwill from all walks of life, and to working together towards a shared vision, purpose, and plan.

Ultimately, the US Presidency is not an end in itself, but rather a means to an end, a platform from which to serve the Highest Intention and Greatest Good and contribute to the co-creation of The Future we seek. Whether or not I am elected President, I remain committed to this New Vision and Plan and to doing everything in my power to contribute to positive change and transformation on a local, national and global scale to help Citizens around the world secure The Future we all seek for our children, our grandchildren, and all Future Generations.