The Advance of The Giants

"The Advance of the Giants" is a metaphorical term that represents the rapid growth and influence of powerful entities such as multinational corporations, tech giants, capital giants, political superpowers and the supranational oligarchies that control them, in shaping the global landscape. These giants are growing and advancing their dominance over the Earth at an alarming rate in pursuit of profit, power, and self-interest at the expense of others, impacting the way we live, work, communicate, and interact with one another and the environment.

As these giants advance, their collusive reach expands beyond traditional borders, leading to an increasingly interconnected and centrally controlled world. This presents opportunities, challenges, and an existential threat for individuals, communities, nations, and the global community as a whole.

On one hand, the giants have forged great technological advancements that have begun to connect and empower the world in ways we never dreamed possible. On the other hand, their unchecked expansion is leading to social inequality, environmental degradation, loss of cultural diversity, and the erosion of our deepest shared principles and values.

In the context of the Meta Crisis, the advance of the giants must be carefully considered, confronted, vanquished and brought under conscious management and control. The New Vision and Plan emphasizes the need to liberate humanity and the living system from the threat of absolute dominance and exploitation by The Giants while reaping the benefits of the resources and advancements they have amassed, in order to forge a New Era of flourishing for All.

This involves bringing light, transparency, and accountability to bear, mass refusal to submit to their attempts to establish dominance and control, the progressive dismantling and decentralization of corrupt centers of power, and the cross-pollination of advanced tools and technologies across well-resourced Citizen Led joint ventures responsible for helping communities implement the various dimensions of the New Vision and Plan. This will ultimately lead to a far more just distribution of wealth, power, and resources throughout society, empowering individuals and communities to take ownership of their own development and destiny, as we work together to forge the New World.

The Lionsberg Platform and Citizen Led movement aim to address the challenges posed by the advance of the giants by promoting Citizen Led collaboration, shared values, and a collective vision for a more just, regenerative, and thriving world. By working together, we can ensure that The Advance of the Giants towards dominance and control is halted, and their advancements are transformed to contribute positively to the well-being of all living beings, while preserving the rich tapestry of cultural and ecological diversity that makes our world so unique and precious.