Above The Chaos - A Lionsberg WikiCast

Join Jordan Nicholas Sukut as we rise Above The Chaos to Confront And Overcome The Meta Crisis, halt The Advance of The Giants, and Forge The New World.

Above The Chaos Overview

Purpose: Inspire, inform, connect and empower the Force For Good.

Niche: Citizens of Goodwill engaged in The Battle to Confront And Overcome The Meta Crisis, halt The Advance of The Giants, and Co-Create the New World

Call to Action:

  1. Read The Books
  2. Join The Movement
  3. Join The Platform
  4. Play The Game
  5. Prepare For The Great Transformation
  6. Spread The Word

Topics: Issues, Strategies, Ideas, Tools, Tactics, and Plans of Action

Format: A blend of interviews, panel discussions, and solo commentary

Hosting and Distribution:

  1. YouTube
  2. YouTube Music
  3. Google Podcasts
  4. Apple Podcasts
  5. Spotify
  6. iHeartRadio
  7. Amazon Music
  8. Castbox
  9. Overcast
  10. Radio Public
  11. Stitcher
  12. Lionsberg Wiki

Guest Selection: We work with the audience to identify and invite world-class guests with diverse backgrounds and expertise in areas related to podcast's unique purpose.

Audience Engagement:

  1. Above The Chaos group on the Lionsberg Platform
    • Community Building
    • Discussion Threads
    • Q&A
  2. Social Media
  3. Email Lists
  4. Crowd-sourcing Guests and Topics
  5. Lionsberg Community - Levels of Participation


  1. Website, social media, email newsletters
  2. Outreach to Force For Good, potential guests, relevant online communities and groups
  3. Mutual amplification with aligned groups, podcasts, etc.
  4. Guest promotion: Encourage guests to share their episodes within their networks

Networking and Collaboration: Connect with podcasters, influencers, and thought leaders around collaboration, interviews, and mutual amplification

Resourcing Strategy:

  • Ad free, fueled through donations and Lionsberg membership

Continuous Improvement:

  1. Identify and track KPIs: Subscribers, Engagement, Social Media Metrics
  2. Retrospective: ID weekly what is working that we would like to do more of, what we would like to do better
  3. Feedback: Listen deeply, track feedback, and adjust


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