Force For Good

The "Force For Good" refers to individuals, groups, organizations, or movements of Goodwill that actively contribute to the betterment of society, the environment, and the overall well-being of all living beings. Rooted in the principles of the Lionsberg Manifesto and the New Vision and Plan, the Force For Good seeks to create a more harmonious, just, and regenerative world by engaging in actions that align with the shared Values and Vision of a brighter future for All.

In the context of Lionsberg, being a Force For Good means actively participating in the Citizen Led Response to the Meta Crisis and working towards the realization of the New Vision and Plan. It means taking responsibility for the well-being of our communities and the planet, and being willing to work towards positive change in whatever ways we can. By harnessing the collective power of individuals and communities around the world, we can become a formidable Force For Good and co-create a more just and flourishing future for all.

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