1.28 Warning 2

These words are subversive.

They are dangerous to utter.

Even out in the Wilderness beyond the Boundary, some of the trees and the birds have grown corrupted, and fly information to the ears of the Anti-One.

Within the Boundary, it is ok to speak their language.

It is not Truthful or Accurate, but it is adequate for surviving in and around the Caves.

Outside of the Boundary, if we do not speak absolutely Truthfully about exactly what we Experience and Perceive, we will perish.

If we see a Threat or an issue, we fail to Identify it because we are afraid to speak Truthfully, and we Perish, there is No One To Blame.

As we travel on, we are going to have to speak Truthfully about what we Witness. We are going to come face to face with powerful forces, leaders, systems, and instituions that are actively working to destroy the Integrity of the Living System and the fabric of Society.

As our Presence and Truthful Speech shines Light into the Darkness that was covering them, they will come in force and deploy every means at their disposal to attempt to snuff it out.

We will be attacked, we will be maimed, we will be beaten, we will be tortured, we will be jailed, we will be flogged, we will be slandered, we will be spit upon, we will be killed.

Yet if you become Petrified and snuff out your Light, you become ever more imprisoned in the Darkness.

It is far better to continue to speak Truth, even unto death, then to allow fear to turn you into a stone monument in the Domain of Darkness.

There is no Way forward unless we recognize the dark and corrupted forces present in Reality for what they are, and recognize that they are completely illegitimate in their Authority and Power, for they exercise it against Life and Light. Their spirit is no longer Love. They have betrayed the One and the One Law, and thereby lost their right to lead.

Our Journey towards the New cannot be successfully undertaken without confronting and overcoming all Illegitimate Authority we encounter along the Way.

In the New World, all Authority and Power on earth is entirely transformed and re-aligned in service of One and All. It is on earth as it is in heaven.

The obvious and unavoidable Reality that corrupt Authority is incompatible with the New immediately sets us All up, in alignment with the One, against any existing power structures which are unwilling to Voluntarily Elevate And Transform themselves into Harmony with the Patterns and the Way of the One.

Who would dare to be so arrogant as to place themselves above One and All?

Who would dare to rob, rape, and exploit the children of the King?

Who would dare to exploit the beloved children of the One for their own Positions and Power?

Yet there they are. And they are not willingly laying down their arms.

The inherent conflict between our universal Goal and the astonishing proliferation of abject corruption throughout the power structures in every domain of the Old World creates a very dangerous situation.

It certainly puts our lives at risk.

There are places in the Old World where thinking, speaking, or listening to such Ideas is a crime punishable by death, or worse.

The Truth, Knowledge and Understanding we will grow in together as we Dialogue along the Way will transform us into an Enlightened and Empowered threat to Darkness and Corruption everywhere.

That is exactly what we need to become. An Army of Light and Love. A threat to Darkness and Corruption everywhere. A unified Force For Good.

Yet a little longer, and no power of Darkness shall be able to stand in our Way. Nay, that moment is already at hand!

If One is for us All, who could possibly stand against us?

Let us pass through the second Warning sign, if we are still together.

We see that a few more have become Petrified. We felt the pain as we spoke.

It is sad, it is hard, it is painful. But it is ok.

Like Us, the Way ahead is Dangerous, but it is Good.

It is the Way to the New.

It is the only Way to get to Where We Are Going.

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