1.27 Not My Religion or Ideology

We can tell that this is making you very uncomfortable.

Your mind is still clinging to the Old.

You agree that we should all seek Truth. You agree that we should all be willing to lay down our false understandings and ideas. Doesn't everyone?

But surely not your own! It is written! Right there in your sacred book. Enshrined as dogma and sanctioned and protected by your Authorities!

Surely it is not your absolute faith in "your" religion or ideology that must be laid down. It is "theirs".

Surely once we get outside the boundary everyone will come to see that your set of propositions actually accords most nearly with Reality...

It is with great compassion and great firmness that we must be clear with you: you misunderstand the principle of the Boundary.

To cross the boundary, you can only have absolute Faith in the Absolute. It is very confusing, disorienting, and terrifying when we have been told on pain of death and hell that we must cling to, bow down to, and worship a set of articulated propositions as if they were absolutely True.

Yet the Reality is that only One is Absolutely True, and One and All that flows from It will eternally be a Mystery that we can relate to but never fully grasp.

You cannot carry your propositions through the Boundary. It is simply not possible. You cannot pretend.

You are reverting and returning to the same trap that bound you inside your Cave. It will prevent you from crossing the Boundary with us. It will leave you stuck in the purgatory that lies between the Caves and the Boundary.

It may be true that your understanding is the one that actually most closely accords to Reality, and that we should all convert and bow down to it. However it is far more likely that it is an idol. In fact, if you are clinging with that much fear and certainty to it, we know for a fact that it is an idol.

There is only One thing that you should cling to so tightly. There is only One thing that remains the same inside and outside the Boundary.

Truth is a strange thing, in that we can always lay down our Current Best Understanding, and trust that if it remains we will always rediscover it. Yet if we are not willing to lay it down and test it, we will never experience the possiblity of knowing something Beyond.

Are you really willing to lay it all down? Are you really willing to sacrifice even that which you hold most dear, in order to obtain that which is of the greatest Value?

Strangely, being entirely committed and faithful to Truth demands not ever greater certainty and knowing, but ever greater humility, discernment, and navigation through the Infinite Unknown.

If you are willing, rest into the discomfort. Continue shedding the known in preparation for crossing the Boundary, and let us face into the next Warning.

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