1.26 Awakening Discomfort

"We made it past the first Warning."

"Are we still together? Or did you turn back?"

"Are you uncomfortable yet?"

"It is ok to feel uncomfortable."

"Rest with it. Experience it. Do not run from it. Do not shy away from it. Reach out. Touch it. It will not hurt you. What does it feel like?"

"We should feel uncomfortable. We are entering somewhere New."

"We haven’t been here together before."

"In due course we will learn more about Why our emotions impact us as they do."

"For now, just understand that as we venture out beyond the Boundary of the feeble light that was cast from the fire in the center of the Old, it is ok to feel terrified."

"It is where we have been told that all our worst Fears dwell."

"It is indeed Dangerous out there."

"But it is Good."

"Look ahead. There is a second Warning we must pass though."

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