1.25 Warning 1

A word of caution before we proceed.

The Story so far has been rather safe.

Yet the Journey ahead could be viscously destabilizing and disorienting for those who are not ready to encounter the Truth of what lies beyond their Boundary of Knowing.

Our eyes grow accustomed to the darkness and false security of the [Cave] we are in. The Light is far superior, yet it is blinding. It hurts. We have to shield our eyes and squint and stagger until we adjust to its purity and beauty and brilliance.

In the Old world we developed in, our deepest foundational spiritual and psychological frames, upon which we built up what we thought we were, and what we thought we Knew, were built upon something that moves. They were built upon words. They were built upon propositions. The were built upon creeds.

What we were told was the absolute bedrock of Truth turned out to be merely a fragile hard spot in the shifting sand of Ignorance and Arrogance.

When New Language and Light and Thunder shakes us and tests us, and when we find that entire structures upon which we have built our Identity and Relationships and Positions are rumbling and starting to crack…

When the ground under our feet begins to sway…

When our Mind becomes aware of alarming anomalies in Reality that collide with the Frameworks we thought we were occupying…

Our Orienting and Defense systems and reflexes kick on. They cause us to Attend to the Threat or Opportunity that was has presenced itself to us.

We are on high alert. We are are primed for action.

If you find yourself in this state, stop, breathe, and return to One. It is the only thing that will never move.

This Journey is designed to reorient us to Who We Are, Where We Are, and Where We Are Going in the most Eternal and Universal Way possible.

It is designed to bring us as close to pure Light and Love as we can possibly bear to be.

It is designed to elevate and transform us, so that we become the kinds of beings who can move every closer towards It.

If some of us have subordinated elements of our true spiritual and intellectual Will and Identity to a particular Set of Hardened Propositions derived from the Set of Hardened…

Political Parties

…that we were raised in and taught to submit to…

…particularly if those Subordinations have been imposed upon us on pain of life and death…

…acceptance or rejection…

…inclusion or exclusion…

…or heaven and hell…

…this Quest may be the start of your Journey through the pain, suffering, and disorientation that accompanies the death of the Old, and the intense struggle that accompanies the birth of the New.

This can be a terrifying proposition.

Yet something like the Death of the Old inherently marks the Way towards flourishing and abundant New Life.

We cannot remain Who We Are if we are to progress towards Where We Are Going.

Yet this death and rebirth should only be ventured into Voluntarily.

It should not be thrust upon someone Involuntarily.

That is why we only Whisper and Invite, and wait patiently for those who are ready to awaken and respond.

Transformation is often painful, but it is Worth it in every way.

It is the Way towards the Wisdom, Peace, and Joy whose Worth is beyond measure.

It is the Way towards the perfect Unity and Harmony implied by the Logic of Love.

It is so valuable that nothing you could ever desire or fear could compare with it.

Although it is absolutely terrifying to Move towards our Destiny and Become something More, we should perhaps be far more terrified of remaining Who and Where We Are.

The beginning of Wisdom is understanding what to Fear. #principle

There is only One Thing To Fear.

A Soul and Mind chained within the narrow confines of Ideological Boundaries and Propositional Knowledge they cannot question or cross…

…is like a butterfly stuck in the confines of the body of a caterpillar. A stunning creature meant to soar through the skies towards its Destiny, stuck in a pudgy little body, crawling along the ground, hoping not to get eaten.

We were meant to soar in the fullness of Our Beauty and Potential.

Truth cannot be hidden forever.

We cannot be hidden forever.

What is True and Good will always reemerge and be rediscovered.

For no matter how distorted and disoriented our world becomes, It remains within us. If we quiet the noise and look deeply enough within our Selves, we can always Rediscover It.

Nothing that is True fears questioning, because It knows that sincere questioning and navigating towards It, will always lead back to It.

Though it is chained, shackled, ripped to pieces, buried in the deepest tomb, with guards and seals set over it…

...it breaks the chains and bursts forth, always, eternally, over and over again.

The words herein are as subversive, dangerous, and as True as we are currently capable of articulating.

Words that are True are sharper than any two-edged sword.

They are the weapon that flashes forth from the mouth of the Victor.

On our [Way]] We will be confronted with the most difficult realities of Pain, Suffering, Corruption and Injustice. Forced to grapple and contend with their Root Causes. And challenged to recognize that we are Individually responsible to All Generations of Life and to the Source of Life for their transformation.

This will require us to speak and Embody Truth that will bring us face to face with our deepest Fears

Fears of being cast out of family, tribe, community, or society…

Fears of the danger, poverty, and want that rejection might lead to…

Fears of the loss of the structures our Positions in Society are based upon and embedded within…

Even worse, fears of being cast into Prison, cast into Suffering, or cast into Death…

And ultimately worse, for the billions of us who have been spiritually abused and threatened, it will bring us face to face with our fears of being cast into Eternal Conscious Torment if we question the things that we were pressed to submit to in order to Attain Heaven and Avoid Hell.

It is terrifying to stare head on into the black abyss of Our Deepest Fears, and voluntary venture out to confront them.

Yet that is exactly what we must do. We must face them head on and vanquish the Darkness and Fear through the Spirit and Weapons of Divine Light and Love.

The path towards true Liberation and Realization lies directly through our worst Fears and the most insurmountable Obstacles in our Way.

As long as we avoid them, shy away from them, flee from them, hide from them, or cover our eyes and scream as the wraiths of our terror taunt us and haunt us, we will never be free of their corrupting power.

Our worst Fears are out there. Beyond the Boundary. We try to ignore the sounds and intimations of their presence; we try to unhear the cracking branches behind us; we try to unsee the shadows that flicker by; we try to stay busy, walk faster, don’t look, and pretend.

Yet there they are. Stalking us in the Darkness. Lurking just outside the Boundary.

Testing every chink, every lock, and every door, prowling about and waiting for something to devour.

Being exposed to our worst Fears involuntarily can be shattering. If they burst in upon us we may be petrified and turned to stone.

Yet we are at a moment where we can no longer avoid them and pretend. It is only a matter of time when a weakness in our defenses will give way, and they will burst in upon us like a flood.

Our only choices are to venture out Voluntarily to confront and overcome them in their lair, or to remain Petrified and still until they come in to confront and overcome us.

Either way, we will face them. No matter what, we cannot avoid them.

That is why we are beginning this Quest with a warning.

These words have the capacity to temporarily blow out the entire psychological, spiritual, and political foundation upon which one thinks they stand, and from which they may have derived a substantial portion of their Identity and Position in Society.

When those pillars, which we believed to be the immovable rock, start moving, it can be terrifying.

When we come to Realize that what we were told was the immovable rock upon which to construct Our lives and Identities might actually be shifting sand, it can be devastating.

It can feel like the pillars of your Perceived Reality suddenly warp and waver and grow increasingly transparent, as something far more Real and Solid renders them obsolete and nearly invisible.

It is terrifying and awe-inspiring to let our Selves attempt to Perceive Reality as it actually is. It is terrifying and awe-inspiring to let our Selves attempt to Perceive our Selves as we really are.

Yet perhaps we should be far more terrified of betraying Truth and our Potential, and the One who Creates and Sustains them, to remain Where We Are.

It can be terrifying to Realize that all our other Fears and Desires, that took so much of our time and attention, must All give way to One.

There is only One Fear. There is only One Desire. There is only One Goal.

We cannot proceed further unless we are truly willing to check everything we thought we knew at the door, and follow the Golden Thread of Truth and Wisdom out beyond the Boundary of Knowing, no matter where it may lead.

We can trust that wherever it leads us is Good, because the Golden Thread is laid by One Spirit.

Take your Old shoes and Old clothes off. Put on something clean, white, and New. Cleanse out the toxins and parasites and pollutions of the Old. They do not belong Where We Are Going.

The place you are entering is Sacred ground.

Shall we proceed together towards The Domain That Lies Beyond The Boundary?

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