1.24 Final Words and Departure

"You few who heeded the call."

"You few who are still here."

"We welcome you as our brothers and sisters. We welcome you as our friends. We welcome you to the deep bonds that are inevitably forged by epic experience."

"It is time for us to Move."

"We wish we had more time to prepare you, to train you, to strengthen you for all that lies ahead."

"But we are out of Time, so we will be learning together on our Quest."

"We will do our to explain along the Way."

"Always remember that our Success or Failure depends on One Another. You are here for a reason. The world needs you. We need you. So let’s stick close together, and be prepared for anything. Stay present and alert, like those aware of danger. Watchful, like those crossing a winter stream. Still, until the moment of action. Remember all these ancient sayings."

"We are going to share what we have in Mind as we Journey. It may be overwhelming at first. Our style may be off-putting. We may be wordy and repetitive as we Circumambulate the Ideas, but the repeated approach of the One idea from a thousand angles is there for your benefit. More may ride on it than you understand, so please be patient and try to Understand ever deeper with each pass."

"As we travel, we will be transformed rapidly. Each time we speak, we will be new people. Even now, these words have transformed us. We set out different people than we were when we arrived to this hall. Once we pass through the warnings and beyond the Boundary, you will again be made New. So were we to speak the identical words you have recently heard, you would hear them differently. You would read them differently. Something different in you would be present to respond deeper elements than you were able to grasp before."

"If you ever get lost, always return in your Mind to the One, feel the Spirit of Love, and you will be quickly reoriented."

"Gather up your things, and let us embark on our [Quest]. I would encourage you to travel lightly. Your familial antiques, heirlooms, and other burdens will be of little value where we are going. They will be a burden and not a blessing. We will be moving quickly and with urgency, but we will never rush. We must always stay centered and present in the Way."

"The first light is at hand. Off we go, we must make it to the [Boundary] before sunrise."

And so we departed from the assembly hall with that first cohort of Sovereigns, to begin the greatest adventure and movement in human history.

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