1.23 Choosing the Flood

"Before we head out towards the Boundary, let us share with you a few more thoughts and word pictures."

"You are the pioneers. You are those who awakened first, because you were the most ready. You are created for this. You were created for this moment. You were created to awaken, to cast off your chains and arise, so that All can arise."

"Indeed, even now within in the Caves there is a rising wave of pioneers and great spirits, who sense deep within themselves the upward call towards the New; who feel the great frictions, frustration, and bondage of the Old, and who have seen the visions, and fostered the profound hopes and aspirations for a New and better life. They are hearing the rising symphony of whispers of coherence echoing through the Caves."

"You are not alone."

"Nor are the we the first in human history who have had to embark on such an exodus."

"Others have gone before, they have discerned the Milestones that mark the Way, and have left us maps, notes, and clues for the journey."

"When we gather the Courage to awaken and embark, we step into a river of eternal Life flowing towards its Destiny. We take up the great honor of proceeding in and beyond the footsteps of those who have come before us. Many others, right now as we read this, are preparing, planning, throwing off the chains that bind, and setting out on the Quest."

_"As we begin moving, we find ourselves in the company of great souls."

"We have prayed that somehow these words, first whispered and now being written, will find their way into the hands destined to hold them. If you are reading this, they have. You are here for a reason, with a unique and important purpose and role in all that lies ahead. You are not a powerless onlooker, but rather a protagonist in the great story of adventure and transformation that is emerging."

"You, the Sovereign individual, formerly scorned, bound, and cast aside by the cacophany of the Caves, now have the power, the opportunity, the Authority, and the responsibility to arise and change the course of history for All."

"You are now awake and aware, a Conscious Agent in the greatest story ever told."

"There is a tsunami of mythical proportions about to sweep the earth. Floodwaters are about to inundate every community and domain."

"You are the ones who get to choose what kind of flood it is."

"Yet there must be a flood."

"It can be a flood of Truth, Love, Forgiveness, Mercy, Justice, Liberation, Wisdom, and Knowledge. It can be the kind of flood, that when it sweeps over the earth, by its very nature refreshes, replenishes, renews and restores All things. It can be the kind of flood of Truth and Knowledge that elevates, transforms, and reunites humanity with One Another, the Living System, and the mystery of the Source from which All things flow."

"Or it can be the kind of proverbial flood of annihilation that inevitably comes upon those who grow so hardened and corrupted that they consciously desecrate the [Sacred] and [Innocent], and bind them in Caves."

_"The One is far too Loving and Kind to watch Its children suffer in captivity.".

"A flood is coming. It will sweep the earth. The universal dam has already burst and the energy is inextricably in motion. There is not an option to avoid the flood. But there is an option to choose which flood."

"We choose the flood of Life and Light and Love. We choose the flood of Sovereigns voluntarily arising and moving together to heal, liberate, enlighten, and renew [All] things…"

"We reject the flood that sorrowfully and mercifully destroys a corrupted and failing civilization before it can destroy Life. We declare that it is not required by Law, because we are voluntarily choosing to awaken and Return, and to help All Return."

"You can voluntarily fall upon the stone and be broken yet rise ever stronger, or the stone can fall upon you, and crush you to pieces. Why have they not heard and understood the words?"

"It is unpleasant, but True."

"Every individual [Sovereign] must decide."

"Every individual [Sovereign] is individually and solely responsible for the flood, and for designing, building, and operationalizing an ark, a wisely constructed [Vessel of Society],  which can carry all life safely through to its [Destiny]."

"If you are awake. If you can hear. If you can see. If you are here. It is up to you."

"It will take us [All]."

"We suppose that we have said all we can say. It is not time to choose. It is now time to embark. The choice is simple. You are are either coming with us, or not."

"Let us take 10 minutes so that anyone else who is petrified can sneak sneak off, and then we will begin."

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