Life is usually defined as a quality, characteristic, or condition...

...that differentiates "living" organisms from "dead" or "inorganic" Matter.

This quality is often articulated as including the capacity to gather and use Energy, engage in functional activity, grow, transform, and reproduce.

On a deeper level, It is related to the concept of Existence.

However to date, Life has largely defied the attempts of scientists and philosophers to define it.

The most basic definitions center around self-reproduction and variation.

We Do Not Know, but...

In the Lionsberg System, the entire universe is viewed as a Living System, in which an overarching and uniting Logos informs all associations and dissociations of Energy in an eternally regenerative process that creates and sustains Life.

Our Current Best Understanding and Hypothesis is that Life as we Perceive it is dependent upon, or arising from, Consciousness, and not vice versa.

The Deepest Consciousness, and therefore the most fundamental thing, is the Consciousness of the One.

Arising from the Deepest Consciousness is Information, which instructs the association and dissociation of Energy into Form.

Through a scientifice lens, Quantum Information might be described as the most fundamental (thing) beyond Source, in that it orders and informs the way in which the Quantum Field manifests into form.

Therefore - That Which is Generating and Sustaining the Universe... gives rise to Information, which informs Energy how to manifest In Form.

While scientists and philosophers may continue to argue about whether a given association of Energy is "alive", when we step back and attempt to view the universe through the Meta Lens, we see that each and every element is part of a single energetic System of Life, inextricably connected and necessary to the Whole.

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