13.4 Moving, Rising, and Falling

And so it is that we are Beings In Motion, compelled incessantly forward towards a Future we are co-creating. Instructed by Wisdom and seduced by Folly. Guided by the Spirit and tempted by the serpent.

Lifted up towards Heaven by the Patterns of Life, and thrown down towards Hell by the Patterns of Death.

Enjoying companionship, abundance, and intimacy in Spirit and body in the garden of delights and the pathways of life, and then grasping the forbidden fruit offered by the Anti-One, thereby smashing paradise, leading to The Fall, and sentencing ourselves to suffering and torturous delay.

Until such a time we have eaten our fill of suffering and become nauseated by the stench of the corruption and vice plaguing us of our own accord, and we long to return, if even as the lowest servant, to the house of order and garden of abundance.

We may have lost our right to be a son or a daughter, but perhaps the Spirit of the Father will accept us back as a lowly servant. We know that the worst scraps and morsels falling from the table of abundance are incomparably better than the best that the desert of scarcity, desolation and separation has to offer. We tasted it, and it was pleasurable at the moment, but in the end it was as bitter as death. We remember, if ever so faintly, the domain of safety and abundance that once was and perhaps yet could be again. If only we could find our way back. If only we could find our way back, pass through the trial by fire, and be found worthy enough to re-enter.

And of course we can reenter, for we are met not with wrath but with love and joyful celebration befitting the precious child who was lost but is now found.

Having purified ourselves, turned back, and asked for help… we are embraced with more love and assistance than we could possibly imagine.

They were there all along. Watching us. Waiting. Wondering how long it would take before we turned back and asked for help.

Help is always there for those who ask for it.

We partake in the great feast. We are patched back up. Restored and revivified. Rearmed for battle. Infinitely stronger, and infinitely less naïve than before.

If we are wise and loving, we will update our map to show the pit we fell into, so that future travelers along the Way might be spared the suffering we endured.

Hark! The Spirit guiding our transformation is calling. It is time to embark again on the next leg of our epic adventure

And so we are impelled to embark again back out on the Quest. Back out into the terror and darkness that guards the grail of Life.

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