13.5 The Call and Embarkation

In the midst of the sea of people sleeping in The Caves, there are heroes who awaken.

They do not call themselves heroes, but because they are awake and have the Courage to take the risks and make the sacrifices required to play the Meta Game, they are.

The Hero is one who awakens and ventures out Beyond into the Unknown to confront and overcome the Chaos, and forge a flourishing world out of is ashes. Both the hero and the world are transformed through the struggle of the endeavor. The hero and the world co-create one another.

The Potential, and perhaps the Destiny, to be a hero lies in us all. The Divine Spark that beckons us to breathe it to Life.

The Quest of the hero lies in developing into the fullness of their Potential by venturing out in Courage to confront and overcome the predatory Chaos and Wilderness that lies between them and The Goal.

If they achieve the Meta Goal, they are transformed, the world is transformed, everyone wins, and society flourishes.

“If they fail, at least they fail while daring greatly, so their place shall never rest with those cold and listless souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

There is no way to achieve the Meta Goal, unless the hero develops the Courage and takes the Risks required to play the Meta Game.

First comes The Call. The Spirit that simultaneously reaches down through infinite space and up from within to touch and enlighten the hero, and cause them to become aware that the eternal Spirit desires to act and in through them.

What magnificent and mysterious forces must conspire to cause the Divine Sparks to align! Amidst the sea of potential awakening… what causes one to awaken and arise?

And as the hero shrugs off the fog of slumbering in the Darkness and Deceit, they squint and shield their eyes in the light of the New Dawn. They gasp for the real air of Life, aware for the first time of the toxic shallow artificial respiration of their former mode of being.

As they struggle to their feet and their eyes adjust to their new surroundings, they become immensely aware of their own limitations and vulnerabilities.

Face to face with the dragon of Chaos and the sharp edges of Reality. The pinnacle of Predatory Potential. That which they are being called to face that can so easily destroy them, and will consciously use the fullness of its power to do so the moment it or that which it guards is threatened.

Face to face with the rejection of family, institution and society. The fact that they will be forced to break the rules and violate the expectations in order to do what is right. The fact that most of those who pledge to help will scatter, dissociate, and misunderstand  when the dragon of Chaos approaches.

So the hero must be forged and tested to develop the moral fortitude and courage that compels and empowers one to voluntarily face suffering and even death for the wellbeing of their community, including those who have rejected and ostracized us. To look upon them with compassion even in the midst of their jeering hatred and contempt… for they simply do not know and cannot see.

Oriented towards different goals that lie on the lower plains, they are blind and deaf to the angels and demons, tools and obstacles, who stand in our Way and whose voices ring in our ears. They cannot hear the voice of the One who speaks so clearly to those who are completely an entirely attuned.

It is the lonely role of the Prophet… the voice crying out in the wilderness… the embodiment of Truth and the Word of God… the rogue speaker of Logos… the rogue speaker of the Spirit that articulates Order out of Chaos… how long they have called out and been stoned and rejected… mocked and ridiculed as they died, with those who said they love you having fled and denied they ever knew you. If they only knew... but they do not... so forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.

When the hero is born, the serpent tries to kill it… but the Creator and Creation intervene. The great chasm opens up and the dragon falls into it, or a great flood arises and sweeps the child away to safety… until it can grow and develop enough to return and slay the dragon, and forge the New Era out of its pieces.

This is our Mission. This is your Mission.

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