Meta Goal

In the Lionsberg System, the term Meta signifies the eternal, universal, ultimate, self-referential, highest order, and most transcendent conception of an idea. Consequently, the Meta Goal represents the supreme, overarching, and unifying "Goal of goals" that inherently contains and organizes all other possible goals.

The concept of the Meta Goal is crucial as it establishes a framework for aligning our individual goals with the goals of various things we participate in and the Meta Goal that is expansive enough to unite All.

Since the term Meta in the System refers to the Absolute, it is purposefully left abstract to circumvent the Pattern of Failure that arises when we Concretize The Absolute.

The Meta Goal could be described as (something like):

The total integrated wellbeing, development, and right relationship of All generations of Life and Consciousness.

At a higher level of abstraction, it could be stated that the Meta Goal is the will and intention of One / God.

At the highest level of abstraction, the Meta Goal is One / God.

Realizing this Goal would necessitate solving the Total Nested Hierarchy of Issues and achieving the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals.

This is our Current Best Understanding of the Aim of the One. It is the perfect diverse Unity and Harmony that resides at the End of the Logic of Love.

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