10.19 The Infrastructure Of The Meta System Becomes The Infrastructure Of The New World

Recall from the ancient stories that the hero goes out to confront and overcome the Existential Threat that is stalking the community.

In many of the stories, there is the concept that the hero cuts the Existential Threat up into pieces and uses those pieces to feed and nourish the newly ordered world.

Or that the Existential Threat is guarding immense treasure, that is then used to rebuild the world.

The Meta Crisis that we are facing as a human species requires that we go out to forthrightly confront and overcome it.

Confronting and overcoming the Meta Crisis requires winning the Meta Game. Succeeding in the Meta Project. Obtaining the Meta Goal of the Meta Quest.

Success in the Meta Game / Meta Project / Meta Quest requires very early in the critical path co-creating an Infrastructure to elevate and empower a global Community of heroes to arise and move together.

This infrastructure needs to be able to help heal, elevate, and enlighten individuals, organizations, and communities around the world.

It needs to be able to function coherently to meet the needs and solve the problems that each hero will face as they attempt to arise and become the fullness of their potential.

It needs to be able to coordinate the actions of a global community into a functional whole capable of solving problems and collaborating in service of the overarching and uniting goals and values.

It needs to be able to heal wounds, solve disputes, and restore that which is broken and lost.

It needs to be able to wisely allocate resources in ways that most pragmatically advance the critical path of elevating all life towards its potential.

When we succeed in creating this higher order system and infrastructure, if properly designed and built they will become the Systems and Infrastructure of the New World.

As we confront and overcome these challenges we will objectively be creating the greatest true Value for all life that has ever been created, and at the same time we can do that in such a way that we leave behind the systems and infrastructure to help all generations of life flourish throughout this millennium and beyond.

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