10.20 The Elevation Initiative - A Higher Order System Of Total Integrated Wellness And Development

For all the reasons above, the leading system and infrastructure is that which elevates all things towards their Potential: physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

This requires that we Co-Create a higher order system of lifelong learning and development, rooted in the ongoing transformation and enlightenment of consciousness, mind, and body.

It also requires that we Co-Create a higher order system of total integrated healing and wellness.

We have spent the majority of our previous energy and resources constructing physical infrastructure and superstructure for humanity.

It has now become apparent that the most important construct we could ever build is the Metaphysical Infrastructure to enlighten and transform Consciousness.

From this transformation of consciousness, everything else in turn will be naturally transformed, in the Wise Right order, by Wise Right human beings properly operating from the right internal scripts and instruction manual of the Wise Right Metaphysical DNA.

The Metaphysical DNA is what persists and continually improves throughout the millennia. It is the continuously elevating gift of each generation of life to the next.

The Meta Project requires the Co-Creation of the strategies, systems, and infrastructure to transform the paradigm of vast numbers of human beings from the broken secular, political and religious paradigms, to the higher paradigm of direct right relationship with the Creative One, One Another, and All Creation.

It must then extend into the lifelong learning, training, coaching, mentoring, and support that each individual needs to discover and become the fullness of their potential in service of the Spirit that all life arises from.

It then must connect them up together to forge a coherent Higher Order Functional Unity that is capable of working together to confront and overcome challenges, and co-create a better world.

This must be encompassed in a system of total wellness and care to help heal and elevate each being spiritually, intellectually, and physically towards their potential.

This is the most important investment we could make. Perhaps the central element of whether we succeed or fail in the Meta Project and in general as a human species on planet earth, is whether we can catalyze enough of humanity to educate and enlighten itself rapidly enough to generate the spontaneous and co-creative Wise Right action that will enable us to regenerate our lives, our planet and our global Community before it is too late.

Success in the Meta Project comes down to coordinated individual and local initiative voluntarily undertaken by a free and empowered global Community.

It simply cannot be centrally controlled and directed. It can only be led and influenced.

Education and human development, therefore, is the fundamental element of the Tipping Point strategy to transform our lives and our world.

Every neighborhood, every ecosystem, every family, every individual has their own unique circumstances and challenges that stand between them and the progressive discover and realization of their potential.

It is not a question of whether “we” pull “them” up, or whether “they” “lift themselves up”. We must do it together.

As a global Community we must provide the Vision and Ladders and a sense of Hope, but each individual, each family, and community within the global Community of Communities must take the initiative, make the hard choices, and do hard work of climbing.

There is currently billions of dollars a year being added to the endowments of dinosaur physical universities reaching small elite populations, placing immense paywalls between humanity and the knowledge and “intellectual property” within the university walls, and saddling us with debt.

We must liberate, operationalize and unleash the power of this knowledge and intellectual property on the basis of stewardship into new Metaphysical Infrastructure for the total integrated development and wellness of the earth and all its inhabitants.

In order to do this, we need to start by beginning to redirect a increasing percentage of global resources away from the Old, and use them to forge the New higher order systems of lifelong spiritual, intellectual, and physical development.

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